About Us

If you are eager to learn how to upskill with in-demand skills and start earning using your skill-set, you are at the right place.

Our mission is to upskill you!

Hi, I am Zaima Butt, a digital marketing specialist and blogger. I am a Computer Science graduate and love to play with the technical side of the marketing. My aim is to equip youth and freelancers with the knowledge of digital skills and earning ways. I have made this blog with this aim in mind. It is targeted towards fresh graduates, freelancers, employees who want to leave 9-5 grind or start a part time side-hustle and entrepreneurs.

The core topics we have dug deeper in my blog are freelancing, digital marketing, online business, passive income, personal development and copywriting. If you are keen to learn how to start learning and earning from home, visit my blog to get fresh and updated content.

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