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How to get leads for digital marketing – 5 day Lead Challenge

5 day lead challenge

Leads are the lifeblood of any business. Without quality leads, your business cannot survive. But the reality is that most businesses find themselves struggling when generating leads, and they try several methods only to end up frustrated. You already know some ways to generate leads like PPC ads, content marketing (blog or Youtube videos), live …

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Clickfunnels for E-commerce

Clickfunnels for ecommerce

Up till now, you have been using a funnel for pouring liquid into the container. But if you are an online business owner, imagine yourself pouring the targeted customers into your business through this funnel. You will love the filtered response and these will open doors of success for your business.  We know after COVID, …

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Clickfunnels for Photographers

clickfunnels for phptographers

Clickfunnels for Photographers Gone are the days when entrepreneurs or even established businesses needed to hire professionals to design and build websites and create sophisticated algorithms to attract more sales and build a long-term customer base by how glamorous the exterior looked. With the rapid progress of contemporary sales building and online business markets, people …

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Funnelflix Training 2022


Internet marketing refers to the process of establishing and maintaining customer and client relationships via online activities to facilitate the exchange of ideas, introduce products and services that satisfy the goals of all stakeholders. Whether it is a small business or the entire corporate sector, everyone out in the market space is trying to promote …

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Dotcom Secrets Book Summary (Russell Brunson)

dotcom secrets summary

The Main Idea Let’s discuss the main idea of the Dotcom Secrets book. Businesses that are struggling typically think they’re having difficulty in attracting enough visitors to their website, or in changing that traffic once it is there. This isn’t always the actual issue, however. Most often websites that perform poorly have a funnel issue. …

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Best copywriting software- | Jarvis software - jarvis

Artificial intelligence has changed the way marketer, entrepreneurs and agencies write content for clients or their own business needs. As you may have heard, “Content is the king”. With the information overload and ever-increasing demand for producing quality content at double the speed, AI copywriting software have become an integral part of the marketing strategy. In …

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Clickfunnels competitors | Clickfunnels alternatives in 2022

clickfunnels competitors

You have been hearing from your entrepreneurial friends about ClickFunnels and you have got no clue about it? Well, let me increase your curiosity because it is something that elevates your business to a new level. It is for those passionate dads who want to leave their 9 to 5 jobs. It is for super …

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