Clickfunnels for Authors Review 2022

Clickfunnels for authors

A couple of years ago, If you wanted to start selling something online, you needed a website made up of html and dynamic languages like JavaScript and PHP. Then, the era of the sales funnel began when marketers started applying the marketing funnel concept on website pages. This was not a complicated or dry website but a pleasant-looking and fully functional sales funnel.

The term sales funnel in online business is popularized by the pioneer of sales funnel builder software, Russell Brunson.

If you have been into marketing for a while, you must have heard about Russell Brunson or Clickfunnels.

He is one of the most influential online entrepreneurs whose SAAS company is the fastest growing software company on the earth.

From the very start, Russell was fascinated with using funnels in marketing. He made his first funnel selling potato guns which was a successful endeavour.

Later, he studied everything in marketing and followed the teachings of his mentor Dan Kennedy.

His years of knowledge and experience cumulated in the form of Clickfunnels.

Though Clickfunnels have revolutionized the marketing industry, it is used for several reasons. But in today’s post, we’ll discuss usage concerning authors. Clickfunnels for authors is the ultimate solution that can drag authors from the realm of struggle and poverty into the fascinating world of online entrepreneurship. Clickfunnels for authors can teach and equip them with the tools necessary to become financially independent and enjoy the freedom lifestyle that comes with passive income.

Clickfunnels for authors

Clickfunnels for authors is an all-in-one platform that you will need to launch and grow your writing business.

You must have thought of writing your book if you are a writer and have been doing an in-house job or freelance projects. Writing a book will transform you from a writer to an author, a good title in our society.

The most challenging part in writing a book is not the actual writing but marketing it well. Many authors fail at this point, and their books never sell beyond 20 copies.

Clickfunnels come with the following features in one place:

Beautiful landing pages
Crisp designs and dynamic functionality
Autoresponder option
CRM feature for lead nurturing
Full sales funnel functionality
Also, copywriting features if you adopt its subsidiary product Funnelscript.
But before diving into the nitty gritty details, you will need to be assured of your purpose as an author and the end goal you have in your mind regarding your book or writing services.

You will need to answer a couple of questions before considering using Clickfunnels for your business needs.

  • Do you want to sell your book?
  • Or do you want more attendees to your webinar?
  • Want to sell coaching for new writers?
  • Or sell your writing services to the clients?
  • Or create a platform where you will monetize your content and give exclusive access to your content to only the subscribers?

Depending on your answer, you can create different funnels like:

  • An opt-in page for simply collecting email addresses of your prospects
  • Webinar funnel
  • Subscription-based website
  • Sell products funnel

There are around 22 funnel templates for book marketing, including a book launch funnel and to event funnel perfect for a book signing.

How to market your self-published book

  1. There are usually four steps involved in doing ebooks business.
  2. Creating your product
  3. Building your email list
  4. Launching your book
  5. Following up with your buyers

Creating your book

As we are talking about the marketing side of the book, we won’t go into detail about this section. We assume that you put the right amount of effort into researching, writing, editing and formatting your book, along with the stunning cover design. If you are interested in learning this part in detail, I highly recommend you read the book “Published” by Chandler Bolt.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of using a snappy and helpful title and a subtitle to complement the title. And the most important thing is your cover. For this step, I highly recommend you use professional cover design services. However, if you use a self-publishing platform like Kindle Publishing, you can use their stock images to customize your cover design.

I prefer getting feedback on your cover design before actually launching your book. You can take help from beta-readers or subscribers who pre-ordered your book using your pre-launch ebook funnel.

Clickfunnels can reduce your headache with its pre-launch book funnel templates. Try One Funnel Away Challenge to launch your first book funnel within 30 days. The Clickfunnel book funnel templates are compelling in converting your prospects into buying customers.

2. Building your email list

They say, “The money is on the list”. And this statement is not exaggerated, but it’s true. Building your email list by collecting prospects’ emails will help you develop a long-lasting relationship with your audience.

The game doesn’t end by just collecting emails, infact, the real fun begins by tracking the analytics. This means you will have a fair idea about who opened your email, clicked on how many links, who belong to which gender and location, and much more. This will help you tailor your future marketing campaigns to your audience’s taste and nature.

Clickfunnels is especially good at collecting emails and gathering demographical data about your customers. The most effective way of collecting emails is by using squeeze pages, and Clickfunnels provide tested and proven-to-convert squeeze page templates.

The email list is your asset which you can leverage whenever you like. You can use this asset to sell multiple products and earn in dozens of ways.

3. Launching your book

When you launch the book, your email list should be the one to get priority access to it. At this point in your marketing efforts, you can offer bonus material to convince your subscribers to buy the book. You have the perfect opportunity to upsell your other related products and services and give free material, enticing the customers to fall into your cross-sell trap.

  • The bonus material can be:
  • Short video training
  • Checklists or workbooks
  • Signed copies of your books
  • Physical book and audiobook option

Make sure to do this step with professionalism to avoid a fall in the conversion. Most of the money is earned at this point when you offer to upsell products to your audience. So, use this chance to your best capacity without burdening your audience with several options.

4. Follow-up with the readers

After the readers have purchased your book, give them a chance to stay engaged with you by inviting them to virtual events, workshops or training sessions that can be closely related to the book topic. This is a critical stage in building loyalty and referrals for your products.

At this point, you can ask your readers to leave positive reviews about your book on marketplaces like Amazon and Goodreads. This will have a massive impact on the marketing of your book, and reviews are the lifeblood of any book business.

Human psychology is that we tend to respect the suggestion of those who have used the product before that we intend to buy. We regard the experience of our fellows and deem their opinion necessary. So, it’s a critical step to ask for positive reviews of your book at this point.

Using Clickfunnels for Authors

Using Clickfunnels for authors is the ultimate solution you can use if you want to know how to market your Amazon book effectively. Knowing how to self-market your book should not be impossible for a new author. With the help of Clickfunnels, you can easily navigate this challenging task.

How to automate your book marketing

There are various steps in automation. You can automate content planning and strategy, actual content creation and publishing, distribution on social media or run paid ads and webinars. However, when it comes to knowing how to automate your book marketing, I suggest you adopt a direct-selling approach, popularly known as direct-response marketing. For this purpose, you can run webinars and use paid ads to bring visitors to your landing page.

Clickfunnels is your go-to tool when it comes to automating your book marketing. You can use paid ads along with creating a highly-converting landing page. However, running a webinar is advised only when you have high-ticket products to upsell your audience after they purchase your book. It can be a coaching program, audiobook, software or online course.

Final thoughts on Clickfunnels for Authors

If you are serious about making a lucrative ebook business, you will need to take help from automation. The best automation tool for ebook marketing is Clickfunnels, and you can use it to create webinars, landing pages, sales funnel, and email marketing campaigns. Your target should be collecting your readers’ emails and engaging them further after they have purchased your book.

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