Top digital skills in 2022

Digital Skills

Top Digital skills that will make you employable in 2022

If you want to get a highly-paid job, having the right skills is crucial to fulfilling your ambition. If you have the right skill set, you can get a highly-paid job in digital marketing with ease. Digital skills acquisition has become the need of the hour. Learn the digital skills mentioned below to supercharge your digital marketing career.

Digital skills – SEO and PPC

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the field that emerged with search engine technology. It is a highly in-demand skill that can prove to be highly lucrative if you know how to put your knowledge in the right direction. One edge of SEO over other marketing techniques is that it doesn’t cost any money and includes only organic marketing tactics.

To highlight the significance of SEO, here are the key stats about this field:

  • SEO is a nearly 80 billion dollar industry.
  • 93% of activities on the internet are initiated on search engines.
  • 75% of visitors don’t go beyond the 1st page of Google
  • More than 50% of traffic is generated organically on search engines
  • Above 70% of visitors click on organic results as compared to paid ads
  • More than 1 billion people use Google every month

Keeping in view the above-mentioned stats, it is no surprise that SEO is one of the top digital skills in 2022 and beyond.

Pay Per Click

If a marketer and business have the budget to spend on marketing efforts, he must know where and how much to invest in advertising. Advertising can yield quick results and offers better conversion as compared to organic results. PPC is a digital skill that is in high demand by small and large businesses alike.

The PPC campaigns include placing ads on different websites around the internet or using the Google ads network. It also includes sponsored posts and social media ads. This is quite an in-demand skill for digital marketers of all sorts.

Listed below are some of the key stats which highlight the importance of PPC skills:

  • PPC visitors convert 50% better than the organic results
  • Around 80% of marketers believe PPC results are fair and beneficial
  • PPC ads have exceeded $10 billion in ad spend in recent years
  • The average cost-per-click is $1 to $2
  • 80% of businesses prefer Google ads among PPC ads

Digital skills – Content Marketing

Content marketing has become an essential skill that a holistic digital marketer must master in order to stay ahead of the curve. It is a highly lucrative field. With the domination of content creators on various social media, it has become a highly sought-after skill. 

Content marketing includes the following skills:

  • Content writing
  • Editing skills
  • Research skills
  • SEO skills
  • Content promotion
  • Analysis skills

Content marketing is the combination of all these digital skills. Content marketers produce effective content which is meant to produce measurable results. As creating unique content in different formats like written, audio and video is a challenging task, many marketers repurpose the content and publish it on other social media platforms, from time to time.

Digital skills – Email Marketing

You may have heard rumors like email marketing is dead or it is no more effective. Ignore such myths straight away. Because, even today in 2022, email marketing is the same effect as it was earlier. In fact, according to a Hubspot report, marketers have seen better email engagement from 2020 onwards.

Email marketing is the marketing method that provides you with better control over your marketing efforts. The email list is the most powerful asset of a marketer. It is the list which you own. Instead of earning and buying, you own the email list.

Email marketing may not sound like one of the appealing digital skills but it is the most crucial skill you should master as a digital marketer. Sending emails is easy but sending effective emails which engage and convert the audience is tough. If you master this skill, you can reap long-term rewards.

Digital skills – Social Media Marketing

Over 50% of the world’s population is on social media. There was never a great time in history to reach millions of customers with the least ad spend. 54% of internet users use social media to research products.

Every digital media marketer can’t go without understanding all the major social media channels. Social media marketing has become a proper field having its own importance. You cannot deny the role it plays in modern marketing campaigns.

As a modern digital media marketer, you should use different techniques like social listening, direct messaging, hash-tagging, live-streaming, and chatbot messaging to take full advantage of social media potential.

Social media marketing is an integral part of the latest marketing strategy. If you want to become a highly sought-after digital skill, learn social media marketing.

Digital skills – Digital analytics

Digital analytics is a fully-grown field requiring talented data analysts. But, unfortunately, the right talent matching the requirements of the job is hard to find. It is partly due to the lack of awareness among the masses about this field. It is one of the most in-demand digital skills by small level and enterprise-level businesses.

The role of digital analysts is to analyze the upcoming data using various analysis tools. This is a highly sought-after skill as it is the information age. Loads of data come in front of us but to make sense of data and extract meaningful insights from it is a challenging task. 

It is not enough to be savvy in a standard analytics tool. You should have a strong understanding of the marketing and analytics field in general. Companies are not looking for tool experts, but the ones who have a firm understanding of digital analysis.Digital skills – Mobile Marketing

According to a Hubspot report, more than 50% of b2b prospects do product research on their smartphones before purchasing. This is a huge percentage which shows if a business is not doing mobile marketing, he’s clearly leaving a lot of money on the table. 

Mobile marketing is one of the digital skills which has seen insane growth in the last decade and it continues to grow at a rapid pace. Every business should involve mobile marketing in their marketing strategy to reach their target audience.

App and Web programming 

As we are becoming more and more dependent on the internet for our information needs, there is no chance that web development jobs will decline in the near future. Web programming includes creating web-based software solutions which are known as web apps. 

The web developer work on the front-end or back-end or on both sides. The web developer who works on both the front-end and back-end is known as a full-stack web developer. App and web programming are the in-demand skills that can pay you dividends in the long run. 

Listed below are some of the stats related to web design and app and web development:

  • 75% of people form an impression about a site from web design
  • 89% of people purchase from competitors after a poor user experience
  • 74% of people prefer mobile-friendly websites.
  • Mobile apps are expected to generate more than $900 billion within a few years
  • There are more than 2.5 million apps available on the Google app store

Digital skills – Final thoughts:

If you want to become employable, you need to upskill by learning in-demand digital skills. The most sought-after skills of 2022 are SEO, PPC, Content marketing, Email marketing, Social media marketing, Mobile marketing, and App and Web development. If you will learn these skills, your chances of getting a highly-paid job will increase tremendously. 

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