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Microsoft began its journey in 1975 by Bill Gates, who was a college dropout at that time. The introduction of MS-DOS software gave Microsoft a massive success in 1981. This led to the development of an operating system in 1983 called windows. Since then, Microsoft has not looked back. Microsoft has dominated the computer world. Almost 95% of computers in the world run on Microsoft software. edX platform is the e-learning initiative taken by Microsoft to deliver quality content in the latest fields.

edX Platform

EdX platform is one of the best e-learning sites that have been launched in the present era. Edx is a Microsoft eLearning site that offers a variety of online courses. It is a MOOC(massive open online course) provider. EdX was created in the year 2012 by the Massachusetts Institute of technology and Harvard University. EdX partnered with Microsoft in 2015. Since its launch, Edx has achieved almost 22.4 million learners. EdX courses are free of charge audit versions. This Microsoft Elearning site comes at fourth place in the top ten Elearning sites with regards to traffic.

The BIG IDEA behind edX Platform

EdX platform focuses on a different aspect of MOOC. It is taking field learning and technologies that are developing enlarge and applying them into small to create a blended model of education to reinvent and reimagine what is done in a classroom. Education hasn’t changed in the past 500 years. Everything else has changed from healthcare to transportation. Everything is different, but education has not changed, and it is also a real issue in terms of access.

According to edX, it can transform education both in quality and scale and access to technology. Education has been changed from ox cards to airplanes. Education needs to go from lectures on the blackboard to online exercises, online videos. It has changed to interactive virtual laboratories and gamification. They have gone entirely online grading and peer interaction and discussion boards, so edX is applying these technologies to education through MOOC to increase access to education.

It can be explained by the first course offered by edX was an MIT and electronic course. 155000 students from 162 countries enroll in this course. 155000 is a significant number. This number is bigger than the total number of alumni of MIT in its 150 years history. Seven thousand two hundred students pass the course core. If a teacher were to teach two-semester years, he would have taken 40 years before he goes to this many students.

EdX Platform vs. Coursera

In MOOC world EdX platform and Coursera are the two closest competitors. Both of the platforms offer audit versions that are free of charge. Coursera is mainly focused on professional courses, like business courses and computer science courses. Whereas, EdX courses are concentrated in humanities and natural sciences. EdX covers some highly recognized universities, whereas, courser has only a few internationally recognized universities offering the courses. Both of the eLearning site certificates are highly accepted in the job market. As compared to the EdX course has a few cheap certification costs in a few courses.

edX Courses

EdX is at the cutting edge of the online learning revolution. EdX courses are offered by some highly recognized universities in the world. About 140 schools, universities, and other institutes provide courses on the Microsoft eLearning site. EdX courses are of university level and have a wide variety of disciplines available to worldwide students. The eLearning website also offers some courses that are free of charge. These online courses have 25 million students learning almost 2500 courses worldwide.

EdX conducts weekly learning sequences of courses. EdX’s weekly learning sequence comprises short videos that have interactive learning exercises. Students can practice the concepts from the videos immediately. It also includes tutorial videos that include an online discussion forum where students can interact and ask questions regarding the course. The degrees and programs EdX offers are :

  • Microbachelors program
  • Micromasters program
  • Professional certificate
  • Online master’s degree
  • Online Freshmen academy
  • X-series

In 2018 EdX introduced 9 Master’s Degrees offered by universities like Georgia Institute of Technology and University of California San Diego. One can complete these Master’s degrees online. In 2020 Edx launched two microbachelors programs. These offer undergraduate-level courses.

While the courses Edx offers are from every field of life. They have covered every subject possible. The popular topics have been learned at the eLearning site are 

  • Computer science
  • Language
  • Engineering
  • Data sciences
  • Humanities
  • Business and management

Affiliation and Partnerships

EdX has been led by CEO Anant Agarwal. EdX has developed an open-source platform software that is freely available to institutes of higher learning that will make such offers. EdX has affiliated with Arizona State University to launch Global Freshmen Academy in 2015. In 2018 EdX partnered with Microsoft and General electric to provide subsidized online courses and guaranteed job interviews. 

Participant Institutes

In 2013 many countries and private entities announced the adoption of the edX open platform to launch new initiatives. China has formed an online initiative from ten. 

Chinese universities are called XeutangX. The French ministry of education supervised the venture of 120 higher education institutes to offer online courses throughout the country. The Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development created the first MMOC portal for the Arab world called Adraak. The International Monetary fund is using the edX portal to take online courses on economics and finance.

EdX platform Review

EdX has proven to be one of the best e-learning sites in the world. The Microsoft eLearning site is highly recommended and trusted worldwide. It is revolutionizing the way of learning. The students that have experienced EdX are delighted with the quality of education and the learning process. The students get jobs based on edX course certificates.

The breakpoint of EdX is that it provides free-of-cost certificates, and the ones that cost are available at credit but, the decision of offering the credit depends on the school or university. EdX has made education possible and affordable for those who could not access it.

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