ESCAPE Book Review 2022 – A Best-Seller Book by Anik Singal

escape book review

About Anik Singal


Anik Singal is a passionate entrepreneur who has founded for helping fighting entrepreneurs like him. He is also a good writer who fulfills his dream by constantly facing challenges and learning from his experience. In this ESCAPE book review, we;ll discuss about his best-selling book on entrepreneurship.

Over the years, he tried many things and realized that failure is nothing but an essential part of success. Currently, he is the CEO of Lurn Nation and is the speaker of the day who made the others ride in. 

ESCAPE Book Review

The book was released in 2018.

Anik Singal’s book, released in 2018, describes his take on becoming a successful entrepreneur. He introduced 4 categories: independence, photography, authority, and people. Adopting these concepts helps a person shift from being an employee to being an entrepreneur.

The book covers a lot about Anik’s business and links it to the more significant lessons he learned as a struggling entrepreneur. The writing style is well structured and easy to read from the onset. The book teaches about managing finances and things to avoid for growing the business facing various ups and downs.

Many of the lessons he shared were effective and powerful combined with the questions and exercises included at the end of the chapters. For students who do these tests, I believe they will find more than what they expected, in the book.

Some of my most inspirational things in the book includes his story about reaching out to Mark Cuban via email (and getting a response) in 2002 and how he met Shah Rukh Khan.

It’s not only a book; it’s a thorough training for entrepreneurs, written in words.

New and senior entrepreneurs, both can benefit from the teachings of the book.

The book is well-explains the entrepreneurial journey and provides a complete overview of the mind shift, skill sets, and habits required to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Pros of ESCAPE book

Easy to read the book, lots of personal stories and anecdotes to make the content attractive.

The first thing to do if you are a big dreamer is to advertise your new ideas. 

The purpose of team building is to help employees build stronger bonds. They will take full advantage of their friendships at work, enabling them to communicate well. You do not want your colleagues to be intimidated and intimidated. You will need a friendly environment that encourages people to do their best work.


ESCAPE: 4 Steps to Becoming a Successful EntrepreneurAnik Singal takes you on a journey with the idea of ​​becoming a real entrepreneur. Learn exact what tools are needed to succeed and switch from an employee to an Entrepreneur. 

Being an entrepreneur is not something you do – who you are.

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