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best freelancing platform- Fiverr

This term is not an alternative spelling of fever, believe me. But once you get to know about it and its immense importance, you certainly get addicted to it. When I started my career on Fiverr, the fact of online earning was quite exciting for me. A huge population of Pakistan including the educated ones are afraid or unaware of online earning platforms. Fiverr is an online earning platform that is used to connect potential customers with freelancers. A freelancer is a person who provides remote services sitting at his own place. 


Fiverr was founded in 2010 and this company is based in Tel Aviv. Its headquarters are located in Israel. Fiverr has strong competitors like Upwork and Freelancer.com. One thing which differentiates Fiverr from other online earning platforms is that the smallest order starts from 5$ and extends up to 1000$. It can be used by every person who needs a service no matter how small nature. The customers are mostly individual unlike the companies on Upwork and Freelancer.


How Fiverr works?

Freelancer needs to make a convincing profile on Fiverr and mention his skills. The service provided by the freelancer is called “gig” on Fiverr. You should mention the details of the service, its price, delivery time, and extra revisions along with other options too. The gigs can be made by going in the “selling” section. You should write some attractive titles for your gig and set a reasonable price. The sellers will contact you and will place an order after talking with you. The order will be marked complete after the seller delivers it. The buyer marks it complete after satisfying with the quality of the work. The payment held in escrow is released after order completion.


The buyers usually post buyer requests on which the sellers send proposals. This is done when you do not get any orders directly. The proposal should be persuasive mentioning your skills and inviting the client to chat with you further. Normally, a person gets his first order from 1 to 2 months depending on his efforts.

Promote your gigs

It is really important to promote your gigs in order to get orders. In the social media world, it is important to become visible in front of people. The same goes here because you need to promote your gigs in order to get more exposure. More clicks and impressions on your gig make it more discoverable by the clients. Using relevant tags while making a gig helps it to discover easily.



The minimum amount to withdraw is 20$ for the first time. There were two methods by which you could draw money but they recently introduced bank transfer. The bank transfer method is more convenient for business people and job holders as they have their bank accounts and debit/credit cards. Fiverr is integrated with Paypal but it is not a popular payment gateway in Pakistan due to its taxes. You can also get your customized Fiverr revenue card for the withdrawal process. The money is available for withdrawal after 14 days of order completion.


One important factor is that you should have a grip on at least a single skill before expecting to earn on the Fiverr platform. There is an affordable online learning platform “Udemy” that provides plenty of courses ranging from logo design, animated videos to SEO which are the hot skills on the Fiverr platform.

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