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Freelancer is a full-fledged website which is an outsourcing marketplace. One of the most prominent online platforms for earning money where employers can post jobs and the freelancers (providing services) bid on the jobs to get the orders and complete them. was founded by Matt Barrie back in 2009. Its headquarters are located in Sydney, one of the crowded cities in the world.

Freelancer is a huge platform with a 20 million user base. Total 470 employees are working in this company as per the stats until March 2016. It has an incredible potential for solving work-related problems of the companies. A majority of companies prefer remote freelance hiring because of a lack of talent in their local surroundings. Freelancer just helps connect employers and freelancers and mediate their matters so you can virtually find any freelancer with the required skill-set. 

How Freelancer works: 

On, potential employers post the jobs according to their requirements and the available freelancers bid on the jobs by sending convincing proposals to impress employers. Employers go through all the proposals and analyses the bid price of the freelancers along with their profiles. They select the freelancer who best suits their needs and budget.

The employee completes the job and then the employer releases the payment. One thing which is different here from other online platforms is that the commission fee of 20% is deducted both from the employer and the freelancer in advance. This strategy obviously benefits the Freelancer but it also helps ensure that the employer and freelancers are serious in doing their respective tasks without wasting any time and energy. 



Freelancer provides a chance to the newbie freelancers to prove their talent and skills by taking the tests by spending a minimal amount. These test scores can be helpful in impressing potential employers and giving them an idea of your skill level. The freelancers with test scores are more likely to get jobs as compared to other freelancers.

Some distinctive features of Freelancer:

The freelancer can help you by highlighting your bid or bringing it to the top of the other bids. But it doesn’t come free as you will need to pay a small amount to the Freelancer to ask it for making your bids prominent. This option is not essential for the freelancers to be used but you can use it if you are new on Freelancer and have a polished skill already. Using this option will help you gain jobs quickly.    

Writing Proposal:

The freelancer should try to bid as soon as the project has been posted. This will help him come to the top. The next step is to write a compelling proposal. You should introduce yourself and mention the following points:

  • Name
  • Qualification
  • Experience
  • Skills

It will be an added benefit to tell the employer how you are a fit choice for the job. Don’t forget to read the job description completely and address every concern of the employer to write a customized, not a copy-paste.

Payment Withdrawal: 

The first withdrawal takes 15 days time because of the many verifications involved so do not expect to do the work and have cash in your hand instantly. The money will show in your freelancer account first, then you’ll withdraw it and it will be in processing for many business days before getting transferred to your bank account. A new payment gateway has been recently introduced for Pakistan named “Express withdrawal” in which no fee is charged for the withdrawal process.


But before diving into the world of freelancing, it is of utmost importance that you should be clear about your skills. This is the point where online learning platforms and websites come into play. You can take beginners’ level courses to start learning a skill or take an advanced level course to enhance your skill. Some world’s popular online learning and training platforms are Udemy, Udacity, Simplilearn, and Skillshare.

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