Hire freelancers on Fiverr (the top freelance platform)

hire freelancers on fiverr

Watch the Interface of Fiverr Before You Dive Into It

The biggest platform to hire freelancers

Many people say it as a leading platform for freelancing services and learning too. You, as an employer or as a learner may fit to join Fiverr as soon as possible for complete transformation of life. But why? A single reason can flood your mind with hundreds of business ideas, or a single learning approach that changes your work life.

Fiverr has been operating successfully since 2010, not because it promises a hundred percent satisfaction but it claims to fulfil the needs of its customers. The work life can be far easier if right talent can be accessed on time.

Problems during hiring candidates

Reading to the blog of Staffscapes, I found the four main problems for an employer during hiring. Here are these;
⦁ Lack of training
⦁ Delegation
⦁ Finding diamonds
⦁ Less money

The last two possess essentiality for discussion. For an employer, it is the abrupt need of time to find right talent within a tight budget. Rising stars in any industry have to find out the best person to work with. And, you verily know it that no alternative can suffice the works of the best. You need the best in short. You can find the best for your business on Fiverr.

Post pandemic consequences on hiring and learning

COVID-19 attacked not on the lives of us, but also on the education of learners. Employers! Wait just a few seconds. Let’s know about the problematic situation of learners. Students are about to end up without knowing their fields and starting their professional life. Then, why should not we try Fiverr’s courses and be professionals with new skills? And Earn 1000$ per month in quarantine days.

Be an entrepreneur today using a Fiverr. How can you really be?

Find the best people who can showcase their talent working for you. For learners, let’s do any course that helps in starting a professional life.
Let me tell you how to join it from the scratch.

Steps to Join the freelance Marketplace

Step One: Open Fiverr.com

Step Two: Click on the button “Join” at the upper right side

Step Three: Enter your email address

You can also join it using your Facebook, Google or Apple account. It is recommended to sign up using your email address. And then, click on Continue.
Step Four: Choose username and create a strong password

You have done it. Hurrah! You are now the part of Fiverr. You will see interface like this one below.

Now, you need to activate your account. For that open up your Google mail.You will see an email from Fiverr like this.

Open that email. And click on “Activate Your Account”.

Now, you have a verified Fiverr account to begin your journey towards becoming an entrepreneur. So, are you overjoyed to hire your best person to work with now? Let’s learn how you can hire someone practically with your new account. And, learners should read how to join any course to start earning 1000$ per month below in the heading ‘Want to start learning a course now’.

How to hire someone on Fiverr?

When you are logged in to your Fiverr account, search any service (Known as gig on Fiverr) that you want the diamond to do for you. Let’s suppose you want the best content writer for your business. You would search ‘content writing’ in the search box at the upper left side on the main interface when you are logged in.

You will see that highly experienced people who can make you billionaire are requesting to hire them for the sake of earning only $5 (Starting at $5). Isn’t it your budget? Yes, you can let them work for your business spending only a few bucks.

There will be many results for the query. Scroll down and see who the fittest diamond for your business is. Choose any one service and click on that.
And now, you can see details or other information like packages about his or her service. There are three packages of service Basic, Standard and Premium. After reading the complete gig, decide whether you are gonna hire him or not. If you want to hire the person, you can see “Continue” button with price.

When you have clicked on the ‘continue button’, it will lead you to payment option and finalize your purchase of yourself chosen diamond.

You have to ‘continue to checkout’ for making your decision complete.

Now, you need to choose the payment option which suits you the best. There are two payment options available now at Fiverr; Credit or Debit cards and Paypal. Choose one, and fill in the details.

Then, click on “Confirm & Pay”. After that, you will provide him requirements of what you exactly want from him or her. Cheers! You have made him/her work for you.

Want to start learning a course now?

Go to learn.fiverr.com and sign in with the same login that you created just a minutes ago.
Search any root word that you want to learn about. I want to learn search engine optimization (SEO). See the below image.

Fiverr recommends me the related courses too. I am selecting SEO Fundamentals: The Ultimate Framework. Click on it and read what includes in the course. And how is it going to change your life? I am learning search engine optimization. SEO will make me an expert of optimizing websites for search engines. And, I can easily earn up to $2000 per month easily. So, let’s buy it for only $46. I don’t know about you, BUT I want not to lose $2k per month as a SEO expert.

I am gonna click on “Buy course”. If you want to change your life today, do the same with me.

Now, we need to enter details of our credit or debit card here. Again, we can pay through two methods (Paypal & Credit or Debit card). After putting credit card number, MM, YY, and CVC, then we have to click the ‘Complete Payment’. And, we are done. Now, start learning from Fiverr.
I can tell you how to earn 1000$ monthly if you are gonna complete any course on Fiverr. When you are finished, leave us a message with your certification.

Don’t lose opportunity

Conclusively, Fiverr means panacea for all stress-like situations for employers, and students who want to start a professional life. Join it today, and start saving more money with the highest efficiency for your business. I will be back soon. Good day!

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