How to start SEO business? Step by Step guide

how to start seo business

Starting a new SEO business, whatever it is, is an exciting and scary endeavor. An SEO projects business requires little overhead or start-up capital, making it relatively easy to get started.

For many SEO freelance project businesses, going digital will mean the difference between success and failure. So if you are about to move on this journey in the unique situation we find ourselves in, you need to adopt an SEO strategy that will help you.

Why create an SEO company?

Providing SEO services is a meaningful way to help other businesses grow. Businesses rely on being found on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It is satisfying to help them improve their visibility in search results to increase their website traffic and generate more sales/leads.

SEO project managers do not operate in a back-office environment. It is essential to actively collaborate with your clients to understand the importance of integrating SEO into their day-to-day operations and processes. Good SEO companies help lead their clients’ marketing ship on many levels.

One of the best aspects of starting an SEO business is recurring income from an entrepreneur’s perspective. Most SEO projects services require consistency and should be provided every month. So, by following a regular income model, your new business will have a predictable and consistent workbook. This makes it easier to hire SEO consultants and scale when you decide to go from one to a team of many.

Are SEO Companies Profitable?

Yes! SEO as a business pays off – direct and honest communication will be the key to your success. Although this is a competitive space, you can stand out with clear and consistent communication from the crowd.

SEO companies are profitable for several reasons:

  • SEO projects are a long-term marketing initiative. You will be working with your clients for months and years to come.
  • SEO can be provided by following a process. This makes it an evolving service offering. You can hire SEO consultant team members to deliver the service consistently.
  • SEO is in high demand. Getting found on Google is a critical part of almost every business’s marketing strategy today.

How to Start an SEO Company in simple steps?

Let’s break down starting an SEO business into concrete steps.

Hire an accountant and a lawyer

Before getting to the point of the matter, talking to a lawyer and an accountant is essential. They can help you determine the protection your business needs. Should you be an LLC, a Scorp, or a partnership? Get professional insurance, banking, and tax advice right from the start. It’s a lot easier to start with your books in shape and then try to put things away later.

Create a Business Website

One of the essential things of an online business is having an online presence. Build your business website with WordPress – we believe it’s the best content management system for SEO projects.

Your site doesn’t have to be too complicated or extensive, but it should clearly describe the problems your clients are facing, as well as your solutions. It’s this pain/gain dynamic that will differentiate your website and motivate website visitors to become potential customers (and, ultimately, customers).

When writing content for your site, think about your audience and the types of issues they face every day. Try to include a call to action on every page.

Here are some common SEO weaknesses to fix:

  • I don’t know where to start.
  • I have a tight budget, and SEO is expensive.
  • I invested in a new website, but it is not generating leads because no one can find it.
  • I don’t have time to write fresh content or blog.

While including white papers on your website can be helpful, most new businesses won’t have them. Don’t get stuck in completing your site; start where you are and build from there.

Make sure to use free tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to measure the results of your new website.

Fill Your Toolbox

Finding the right set of SEO projects tools will help you streamline your workflow so you can save time and focus on developing your business. Several free tools should be part of your toolset from the beginning.

Google Analytics: analyzes website performance and data of visitors. Google Analytics shows all the traffic sources that are driving visits and highlights which pages are performing well.

Google Search Console: provides data on keywords that drive traffic from organic sources and feedback on how search engine bots navigate your site.

Google My Business: notifies Google of all critical data such as physical location, phone number, and hours of operation.

Keyword research tools: and ranking software are essential for effective SEO. Both are included in the monthly Pathfinder SEO fee.

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As an SEO company, your toolset will be one of your most significant monthly expenses. The greatest part is, you can start small and invest just a few hundred dollars a month. As your income and your team grow, your tools can expand. Our SEO agency invests approximately $ 1,000 per month in tools and subscriptions to fuel our business and our clients’ SEO initiatives.

Create a packaging and pricing model

Creating a packaging and pricing system to be followed consistently ensures that you can provide your SEO services by following a process. Simplify the sales process.

Create an SEO Proposal Template

 Creating an impressive proposal template will help you close more deals and save you time during the selling process.

A successful SEO projects proposal includes:

An Introduction – A short letter thanking the prospect for taking the time on an initial SEO discovery call and recapping the prospect’s current state with SEO. Here is an example:

Dear [Name],

Thank you for taking the time and discussing SEO. We are excited about working together to increase your organic search traffic.

We’re incredibly excited that you have a modern and robust website powered by WordPress and backed by quality content. Good work! The next step is that your website communicates with both search engines and website visitors. This is where [Your Business] comes in. We partner with businesses like yours to increase your traffic and increase your sales.

Please review our SEO services proposal and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



Problem Statement – Repeat your prospect’s main problem. It reminds the customer that you have thought critically about their unique situation when creating an effective solution. Ensure them that you understand their pain and that you are focusing on the laser to resolve it.

Here’s an example:

[company name] will be launching a new website in two months. Organic search generates 75% of total website traffic and leads. We are concerned that the new website will perform worse than the current site without an active SEO campaign, and traffic will start to decline. The new website is a big step forward in the design and structure of the old site, so many URLs and the content will inevitably change, which can be confusing for visitors.

Strategy – How are you going to handle the problem? What is your solution? Clearly describe how your solution is based on the process in this section of the proposal.

Test Your Systems or hire an SEO consultant

Building efficient processes take time and practice. When you start to take off, it’s a good idea to implement the services offered for your website (or a friend’s site) to test your systems. Start honing your communication skills. Practice answering difficult questions. Not only will you get the big picture of your process, but direct customers can help you see your business growth from an outside perspective.

Outsource SEO work

If you focus on each and every task, you will get drained with less output. To improve the return on investment, you should outsource the repetitive tasks like backlinking to freelancers. You can hire talented freelancers at affordable rates from Fiverr. Hire the backlinking experts from below:

Document your accomplishments

As a new player in a fast-paced space, creating case studies and collecting positive reviews to showcase your accomplishments is helpful.

Keep future revisions in mind when signing a new client. Write down their goals, then record the data at the start of the campaign so you can measure ongoing progress and success in meeting goals.

Final thoughts:

If you want to start SEO business, you will need to follow all the steps outlined above. This will ensure you are successful as a startup in your SEO domain.

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