How to Use Clickfunnels on Shopify for Beginners

Clickfunnels for shopify

Shopify is an excellent e-commerce platform that allows you to build your store and sell your products. Many people use Shopify to sell their products online because of its numerous benefits. It’s fast, secure, stable, and has tons of apps.

However, Shopify has some setbacks that can be corrected using Clickfunnel. One of the setbacks is that it gives you the same sales page as every other seller. Thus making your store looks identical to others. This is impossible to edit unless you are very good at coding.

Another setback of Shopify is that there’s no excellent way to build a sales funnel with it, and the sales funnel is considered to be very important when converting a potential customer.
The good news is that all these setbacks can be resolved with Clickfunnel.

                             CLICKFUNNEL FOR PHYSICAL PRODUCTS

Clickfunnel can be used to create high-converting funnels for physical products. It has a wide variety of features which makes selling easier online. These features include Automations, pre-made templates, and Split testing.

Clickfunnel is a tool that enables you to create your desired sales funnel with ease. You can make your sales page, one-time-offer (OTO), and down-sell pages look exactly like you want them to be.

You can design your funnel or use a pre-built funnel to guide your visitors through a series of marketing activities that showcase your products.

At the same time, Clickfunnel also has its setbacks. It doesn’t notify customers when their orders are to ship. It doesn’t integrate with dropshipping apps like Dropified and Oberlo.
Therefore the best way to enjoy Shopify and Clickfunnel is to integrate both. Combining the two sites is essential to create the best user experience.

                               CLICKFUNNELS FOR DROPSHIPPING

In running a store, a significant concern is how to fulfill physical process orders. You need to connect the sale of your product on Shopify to where your product is being housed.
Dropshipping is when you sell products that are created by others. You come into arrangements with a company and start selling their products. It saves you the stress of creating a product, storing and shipping it out in bulk, While on the other hand, you do the marketing, sales, and customer service for the company.

When the customer sees the products in your store and decides to buy them, you place the order to the drop ship company and pay for it with the money the customer sent to you.
Dropified and Oberlo are two apps that integrate well for the drop ship side of e-commerce and Shopify. Set one of these apps up, and your store will be ready for business.

You need to decide on the drop ship company that will offer you the services you need to get your product shipped out.

The speed of delivery, costs of delivery, and the notifications of the shipping process from beginning to end should be known to both you and the customer.

Before opening a store in Shopify, you must decide on your products and have the shipping strategy already in place.

                                    CLICKFUNNEL FOR E-COMMERCE

To increase the conversion rate, you must strategically organize a sales funnel. Below is the general flow of how a customer journey should be:

You drive traffic to your Shopify store through Ads, email, or search marketing.
If they buy your product, all good. You retarget them and send them cart abandonment emails if they don’t.

If they bought your product, the next thing is to send another offer called One-time-offer(OTO) that complements the first purchase.
If they don’t welcome the offer, you can offer them a discount on the same request; this is known as a down-sell.

After the down-sell, you still offer them a second OTO even if they said no to the down-sell.
If they say yes to your first OTO, then you proceed to offer them another OTO.
Whether they say yes or no to the second OTO, they will still be taken to the order confirmation page.

You would have successfully taken them through your sales funnel in a few minutes. Hopefully, get them to buy your product and one or two OTO.

                                    CLICKFUNNEL TEMPLATES

A significant benefit of Clickfunnel Is that it offers over 100 pre-built templates for you to use. Some of them are free, while others come at a price. Examples of such templates include a 2-step Tripwire and a free product launch.

Each of these templates has what they are best suited for, e.g., the Amazon flash sales funnel is suitable for offering coupon deals, and the storefront funnel template can create an eye-catching funnel for your business.

If you’re new to Clickfunnel, it’s advisable to start with a 2-step Tripwire funnel and video sales letter funnel as they are easy to use. As you gain experience with time, you can use others or even create your design.

The pre-built templates allow you to add a new page to your sales funnel faster.
The template can also be customized to make it look exactly as you want using a drag-and-drop editor. For example, you can customize color, font, typography, and the call-to-action button layout.

It also allows you to save a page as a personal page template. Hence, you can make use of this design on multiple pages. This feature helps to save time and provides you with the funnel template design you want.

                                   Frequently asked Questions (FAQs):
  1. Question: Is it possible to integrate both Shopify and Clickfunnel?
    Answer: It’s possible to incorporate both sites together.
  2. Question: How do I integrate Shopify and Clickfunnel?
    Answer: There are three ways you can take to integrate both sites, and these are:
    •Through Clickfunnel
    • Zapier
    •Funnel order app.
    Here’s a brief overview of how you can integrate both Shopify and Clickfunnel
    —Authenticate both platforms
    —Choose an app to serve as a trigger
    —Pick ensuing results from the other app.
    —Pick the data to transfer between the app

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