Is Coursera worth it? An honest Coursera review

Coursera review

Coursera is an American online program that provides different online courses. It is affiliated with more than 48 high-impact universities in 48 countries. Coursera provides immensely valuable knowledge to a global community of students. In this Coursera review, we’ll study more about this amazing e-learning platform.

Coursera provides learning opportunities to those who want to be an expert in IT, Machine Tech, or Entrepreneur. But, they are bound to a 9 hours job, fixed schedule, or unable to move to a renowned university.

Coursera offers courses, degrees in a variety of subjects and specializations as well.

By subscribing to its courses, you can learn anywhere and anytime by accessing your laptop and mobile. It gives lectures through videos and exercises.

Coursera review – Coursera subscription and certifications

Usually, Coursera courses are free to audit. Courses subscription is for studies included in the specialization. You can subscribe to any course, which gives you a seven-day free trial. If you want to achieve a certificate in the specialization, you have to pay monthly. Coursera specializations cost $39-79 per month, and you can cancel your subscription anytime. 

Coursera specialization

Coursera platform provides more than 250 specializations in subjects such as machine learning, business foundations, and many more. It aims at making you an expert in a particular skill or topic.

Coursera specialization consists of different but related courses. It may include 3 to 4 classes. The final course is usually a Capstone project assessed student peers. It takes 4 to 6 months for the completion of a specialization.

Coursera certificate

Coursera gives you a certificate for completing courses. The curriculum is accredited by renowned universities and employers worldwide. But to gain a certification, you have to score good marks. Furthermore, you have to submit assignments and take the test. You are provided another chance to resubmit your assignment if it is not approved. After completion of the course with good marks, you get a certificate.

Degree: this online program gives you a regular degree as is given by other traditional universities

Financial Aid: Another worth appreciating thing about this program is that it gives you free access to its courses. If you are unable to beer expenses, you can apply for financial aid for courses.

Coursera review – Courses cost 

Coursera courses cost depending upon the length and complexity of the courses but worth noting that its cost is not as high as compared to the expenses of regular universities. You have even the choice to pay on a complete course basis or a subscription basis. There is hardly another E-learning program which linked with prestigious universities and professors give cheap education as this platform provides 

Coursera review Wrap up

Coursera gives professional learning for everyone. The quality of the knowledge, the certificate, the courses motivate the students to pursue their goals. The program’s instructors are highly crafted. This platform allows you to share your idea with the peers and work with them.

Easy access to knowledge with an easy timetable proves a boon for those who want to be good learners throughout their life.

Coursera is the best online platform, and it can be assessed with the fact the number of registered learners number is more than 45 million, and it shows the Coursera is the world’s largest MOOC provider.

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