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john crestani review

Does the slogan of financial freedom skips your heartbeat and take you into the realm of prosperity and enjoyment? Everyone wants to be financially stable but not all achieve this goal in their mid-twenties. One jobless young man from the USA, John Crestani, refused to be a slave of the corporate world and started his online business back in 2011. He became wildly successful in running an automated online business that needed little to no supervision.

Yes, we are talking about internet millionaire, John Crestani. In this John Crestani review article, we’ll take you through his life and professional details.

He is often seen throwing away dollars from the money gun and working on his laptop in his Youtube videos.

John Crestani review – Who is John Crestani?


If you have an interest in affiliate marketing, it is no surprise that you have heard the name John Crestani.

John Crestani is a famous affiliate marketer who earned millions of dollars from affiliate marketing alone.

He is an expert in all sorts of ads including Facebook and Google ads. Not only does he run his successful online business, but he also teaches affiliate marketing to other aspiring affiliate marketers through his Youtube channel. 

In this John Crestani review article, we’ll give you a brief introduction to John Crestani and mention his struggles and explain his affiliate marketing training.

The discovery

However, this wasn’t the reality a few years back. In 2009, after quitting high school, he fled to Thailand to find his lost self. There he read the classic book by Tim Ferris, 4-hour week. The concept of trading time for money hit him hard. He eventually realized his dream of living a freedom lifestyle which earns him up to $500,000 per month.

Previous failures

John Crestani didn’t hit an overnight success. He did plenty of experimentation with different business models before achieving massive success with affiliate marketing.

His first entrepreneurial venture started with eBay. He sold physical products on it, which drove him $1000-$3000 in sales per month. This business was hit hard by the PayPal team as PayPal didn’t approve of items he was selling.

Joining School

After his business was shut, he took admission to the school again. As John Crestani was a technical person, he started selling exam and test answers to the students for a reasonable cost. This brought him $1000 per day. But, as soon as the school administration got to know about this, they expelled him.

Corporate lie

John started a job in a marketing firm located in Los Angeles. This firm specialized in PPC advertising. John learned the ins and outs of advertising and soon specialized in all sorts of advertising. He handled advertising accounts of up to 10 clients and brought in 40 times more revenue for one client. This made him an ad super start within the company.

Relying on his amazing performance, John thought to ask for a raise. He went to the Boss’ office and asked him. The Boss replied, “Or what?”. This was the defining moment for John Crestani and, he was soon fired from the job.

But, he had been working on his side-hustle. This was the right time for him to scale his online business. He put all his efforts into promoting other companies’ products. He chose the Homeopathy industry where he pulled in pretty good profit margins from product sales.

He created ads for selling the homeopathy products and screen recorded the ad creation process and forwarded it to his team. His team used to run the same ad and this let his online business scale beyond his wildest imagination.

John Crestani age

At the time of writing this article, John Crestani is 34 years old. His date of birth is July 9, 1987. He has amassed quite a wealth at a young age.

John Crestani net worth

John Crestani’s net worth is around $7.5 million. There is no evidence on the internet to prove this but from the hype created by his fans and students, it is clear that he has made millions by affiliate marketing.

Wondering how much John Crestani earns?

John Crestani has revealed in a Youtube video of him that he earns an estimated $5 million dollars per year. His business model is affiliate marketing which has made him a millionaire internet marketer.

Read the review of John Crestani course – Super Affiliate System

John Crestani book – Work at Home Secrets

The John Crestani Work at Home Secrets book is a must-read if you use the internet and make money from it. The expert digital media marketer has written this book to educate the masses about internet marketing. Its updated version was released at the start of 2002. He has mentioned the proven tactics and strategies which helped him make millions in affiliate marketing.

We hope you are enjoying this John Crestani review so far.

Is John Crestani real?

There is much hype on the internet about John Crestani and his affiliate riches. However, it is confirmed that John Crestani is legit. He has been featured in the Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine. He was interviewed by CNBC, which is a reliable and popular media channel.

You can find dozens of review articles on the net like our John Crestani review article who shows John is the real deal.

John Crestani Youtube

John Crestani has more than 500,000 subscribers on Youtube. You can subscribe to his channel by clicking the link below:

He has recorded hundreds of videos on internet marketing, online business, passive income, free traffic sources, and affiliate marketing concepts.

John Crestani videos

For the last few years, John Crestani has been teaching affiliate marketing through his Youtube videos. He aspires to become the number 1 teacher teaching affiliate marketing to students worldwide.

I have watched dozens of John Crestani’s videos and listed below are a few of my favorite videos:

John Crestani website

John Crestani’s website is the hub where you can find information about him and his affiliate marketing course. Given below is the link to his website:

He also has another website solely dedicated to promoting his affiliate marketing course. You can visit his site by clicking here.

John Crestani Affiliate marketing trainings

If we look at the John Crestani affiliate marketing approach, we can see that he is rigorous and straightforward in execution. He is very strategic about running and scaling his affiliate marketing campaigns.

John Crestani free training


John Crestani teaches in his free training about setting up an online business without any experience and technical skills. If you are interested in running a 6-figure online business, register for his free training by clicking the link below:

How to earn 6-figure side-income online

You can watch the free training whenever you have some free time to invest.

John Crestani internet jetset

John Crestani internet jetset is the course on affiliate marketing which is part of the Super Affiliate System. John Crestani shares practical methods to start affiliate marketing by choosing a niche, creating a website, finding products, and more. 

This John Crestani course doesn’t include tools such as hosting and domain. To fully benefit from it, you’ll need to buy a more advanced training course by John Crestani which is a Super Affiliate System.

John Crestani affiliate program


If you have been in affiliate marketing for a long time, chances are you are familiar with the John Crestani affiliate program. It is one of the best affiliate courses in the market. John has created this program “Super Affiliate System” keeping in view a complete beginner. His teaching style is impeccable which leaves the person enthralled. 

The Super Affiliate System consists of 11 modules in which John takes a person from fundamentals to advanced level. The promotion method recommended by John is ads because they show quick results and are scalable as well. However, he also teaches free traffic sources. Besides that, the website builder software recommended by John Crestani is Clickfunnels. This tool not only helps in building websites, but we can create highly converting landing pages along with sales funnels.

John Crestani Forbes

The super affiliate John Crestani has been featured on the top magazine site Forbes. 

You can read the article on John Crestani by clicking here

You can watch the interview of John Crestani by Forbes:

Getting featured on a site like Forbes is no easy feat. His net worth and wild success story are what got him the opportunity to be interviewed by Forbes.

John Crestani Clickbank

John Crestani review is incomplete without mentioning the number 1 affiliate network in the world, Clickbank. Clickbank has helped hundreds of affiliate marketers earn up to millions of dollars in affiliate commissions. John Crestani is one of those affiliate marketers who trust and rely on Clickbank more than any other affiliate network. It won’t be untrue to say that he owes his success to Clickbank. 

Read the review about John Crestani course – Super Affiliate System

Final thoughts on John Crestani review:

I am sure you must have been convinced by now that John Crestani is the person you can model for making money online. He is a powerful role model for aspiring entrepreneurs who are struggling in the internet marketing world. He is an internet marketing practitioner as well as a teacher which makes his teaching impactful.

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