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We are constantly testing and reviewing different web hosts here and found some good enough for us. 

Firstly, we also rely primarily on Kinsta WordPress hosting and find there’s a lot to like about their offering. And just similar to WP Engine, Kinsta also uses Google Cloud Platform to power its infrastructure. We’ll discuss in detail in this Kinsta review so that you may decide if its right for you.

K insta Pricing 

Kinsta caters to many different sites, ranging from $25 to $1500 per month. That’s a vast spectrum, but for this comparison, we’ll only focus on the three main consumer plans, Starter, Pro, and Business 1. After Business 1, you move up to Business 4, then Enterprise 1 – 4. 

Get two months free when you shop every year, which I think is a great deal.

What should you expect from each Kinsta plan site? 

So obviously, the reason behind Kinsta has so many plans is because each is segmented by how many websites you can run, monthly visits, storage, and CDN storage, which I don’t think many other providers usually limit. 

However, all plans include several features, such as the following: 

  • Excellent customer support team. It’s via chat only, but their top-notch agents work 24/7. 
  • WordPress-specific site architecture (read: better and faster) 
  • Staging environment to test your site WordPress web before publishing changes 
  • Free premium migrations (concierge service). Getting 1, 2, or 3 depends on your plan. 
  • Unlimited base migrations from other hosts via the WordPress plugin 
  • The 30-day money-back guarantee provided 
  • Automatic optimization of data 
  • Automatic daily in routine backup and manual backup points 

Now for some plans, the names are pretty explicit.


Suitable for a small business website or WP-hosted blog. Keep in mind that if you’re dealing with large files, like a photographer or videographer, you may also require to upgrade to the next plan. You will have a maximum of 25,000 visitors per month and 10 GB of storage space. 


Best suited for small and medium business websites. A big blog should probably follow this plan, but Kinsta doesn’t recommend it for an online store. You will have a maximum of 50,000 visitors per month and 20 GB of storage space. 


Things get serious here in terms of monthly visitors and storage. It also has double the number of PHP workers per site than the previous plan, which Kinsta says helps the multiple demands needed for e-commerce. You will have a maximum of 100,000 visitors per month and 30 GB of storage. 

So don’t forget that you have Business 2, 3, and 4 packages, with additional monthly visitor numbers and storage space. Finally, the Enterprise 1, 2, 3, and 4 plans also increase numbers.

Kinsta Pros and Cons 

 Kinsta Pros: 

  • Solid Speed: 

Kinsta’s loading speed was impressive when it was tested. It is good for both your SEO and your user experience. The powerful CDN, free SSL, and PHP last gen also give their points here.

  • Uptime:

No complaints here. Kinsta works pretty much 100% of the time. If the rate drops to below 99.9%, you get your money back. That’s not bad at all. However, the WP Engine now guarantees 99.95% uptime in its Service Level Agreement (SLA). 

  • Support: 

This is chatting only, but Kinsta’s support is some of the best I’ve had. 

  • Server Features and Locations:

Over 25 worldwide locations to choose from.

  • Ease of Use: 

Simple navigation and a pleasant user experience for those who need to spend time in their host’s dashboard. 

  • Team Management: 

Unlimited users can easily set permissions and roles at both company and site levels. 

Site Backup – Get only 14 days of automatic backups on lower plans. You will need to upgrade to the Business 3 plan to get 20 days. Manual backups of system and cloud backups are also available. Backups can also be downloaded.

  • Built for WordPress: 

This means the support team knows what they’re talking about, the architecture is optimized for the CMS, and you get helpful resources on WordPress-specific plugins and other tools.

  • Free Migrations:

Kinsta has a WordPress plugin that automatically migrates a site to Kinsta. But all plans also include professional migrations that the Kinsta team will perform on your behalf; not many other providers offer this. 

 Cons of Kinsta: 

  • WordPress only:

Not be allowed to install any other CMS on a Kinsta server. 

  • So many limitations: 

No unlimited storage, CDN, or monthly visits. If you exceed up to, you will be charged extra. 

  • Higher Prices:

Kinsta is not the cheapest managed WordPress hosting provider. You get what you pay for, but it is not for everyone. 

  • Some WordPress plugins have been banned:

For security and performance reasons, Kinsta is banning the following plugins. This includes a range of external plugins for caching, saving, and optimization.

What is Kinsta for? 

Professional WordPress-based websites will find a lot to like at Kinsta. You can keep your site (or sites) safe, online pretty much all the time, and provide decent site speeds to your users. It is excellent for SEO and reliable enough to host a large e-commerce site. 

However, if you see wildly fluctuating monthly visitor numbers, I might look elsewhere. Receive notifications before you exceed any limit, but you’ll still be charged (see FAQ for more information on how it’s calculated). 

 When not to use Kinsta web hosting? 

If you have a site that doesn’t rely on peak performance, there are cheaper web hosts, and there are certainly more affordable WordPress hosts. I’m thinking of portfolios, blogs, or personal websites where you’re not constantly concerned with providing the best site speed for your visitors (or Google for search engine optimization).

Kinsta Backups 

One of the main features you expect from your WordPress site is the ability to back it up and restore it at any time. The good news is that Kinsta has a lot of options: 

  • Automatic backups for 14 days on Starter to Business plan 2,
  • Automated backups for 20 days on Business 3 and 4 plans 
  • Automated backups for 30 days on all other plans 
  • Manual Backups Possible 
  • Cloud backup can be downloaded with Google Cloud or Amazon S3 (about $2 per month for each site backup, plus 1GB bandwidth).

In my opinion, 14 days is not much enough time to feel safe on your website, but I’ll leave that up to you. On the other thought, you can also buy and install add-ons that save your location every hour or every 6 hours. I would also like to note that backup and restore are super easy, again thanks to the excellent UX from Kinsta and its excellent online resources.

Kinsta and WordPress 

Kinsta is explicitly built for hosting WordPress sites, and that shows in part thanks to: 

Free WordPress Hack Fix: 

A neat security feature where you get priority if something goes wrong. You can put your website into maintenance mode through Kinsta, and they will run their malware removal service for free. 

Free Premium Migrations:

Performed by their team of WordPress experts. It’s not unlimited, but it’s a nice freebie if you’re transferring your sites to Kinsta for the first time. 

Server-Level Caching: 

Full-page caching combined with a free CDN and Kinsta’s caching plugin. This automates caching based on specific activities, such as posting a new post. 

WooCommerce optimization:

For WordPress online stores, caching is designed differently, such as not caching cart pages, making the checkout process more accessible.

Kinsta developer features

  • For developers, you will be happy to know that Kinsta also includes staging, integration with WP-CLI, Composer, and Git, and one-click cloning. 
  • The staging environment is exceptionally well designed, as you can see in the screenshot below: 
  • Each place works by creating a one-click copy of your website, but common sense applies when you report changes to the live version (make a backup, recheck wpconfig.php, etc.) 

 Options other than Kinsta

For me, the bottom line is that Kinsta is reliable, fast, and suitable for enterprise WordPress sites. This also includes online stores. Developers will appreciate all the technical options, and business owners will appreciate the ease of use and security features. 

But it is certainly not for everyone. If you do not wish all the bells and whistles, you can check out: 

  • SiteGround: 

For Unlimited Traffic and Bandwidth. It is more affordable and works at blazing speeds. The only downside (or maybe upside) is that they aren’t WordPress-focused like Kinsta. 

  • WP Engine: 

Probably the closest competitors to Kinsta. They are highly similar in price and features, but you get a few WordPress extras like free themes, phone support on higher plans, and 99.95% guaranteed uptime (compared to 99.90% for Kinsta). 

  • DreamHost: 

One of the most affordable and good in working web hosts with surprisingly good performance for US users. They’ve reduced support times and advanced features, but it’s still worth looking at. 

  • Try Kinsta Risk Free for 30 Days
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