Russell Brunson best books for business-The Secrets Trilogy

russell brunson best books- the secrets trilogy

The secrets trilogy is the collection of Russell Brunson’s best books. You get updated versions of the books in one place. This Secrets Trilogy includes:

Dotcom Secrets book

Expert Secrets book

Traffic Secrets book


Unlock the Secrets book

The more productive experience an individual gains, the more influential his words become and the more effective his products and services prove to be for the followers and fans alike. The Secrets Trilogy by Russell Brunson encompasses years of his expertise and hard-earned secrets to unlock the closed doors leading to a successful business. These are the Russell Brunson best books so far.

These three playbooks are from the masterpiece collection of Russell Brunson which should be a part of every entrepreneur’s library. 

This book set is not the same as the three books launched earlier. Russell Brunson has cut the extra stuff and added a 4th book which guides the reader on how to use 1st 3 books. This 4th book is like the key which unlocks the secrets mentioned in other books.

Steps to follow to buy the Secrets Trilogy book:

  1. Go to the landing page of the traffic secrets book
  2. Click the “Order Now” button
  3. Fill the form with your details
  4. Order Secrets Trilogy book in the upsell (next landing page in the funnel)

Now, we’ll look into the Russell Brunson best books in order and try to reach the decision of buying.

Russell Brunson best books-Dotcom Secrets


This book was launched in 2015 and more than 200,000 copies have been sold till now. If you are serious about building your online business, you need to read this book at all costs. 

This book is the essence of years of experience gained by Russel Brunson running his own company and helping other clients build their companies as well. 

The DotCom Secrets visualizes the way Russell and his team used various funnels to grow their business and how they went from no capital funding to becoming the #1 fastest growing company earning above 50 MM USD gross revenue.

Interestingly, it was all without the help of any outside funding and just by plugging the secret funnel strategy into their business. They succeeded in beating their two massive competitors who were relying on outside funding up to 127 Million USD. 

By applying the secret funnel strategy, “in just 3 short years, we managed to grow by over 4232% and hit 76th spot on the INC 500 list”, says Russell Brunson

According to him, the idea to present the DotCom Secrets came into action as a demonstration of all the successfully built funnels that were figured out after running tens of thousands of split tests. These specific funnels worked with specific business markets and achieved specific targets for growth and productivity.

The DotCom Secrets playbook became the underground for unearthing all these possibly effective funnels suiting the needs of each and every business out there. To help you build a funnel for your business, click here to grab your free copy of the DotCom Secrets now! 

You can get this book free but you’ll need to pay just the shipping charges.

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Russel Brunson best books-Expert Secrets


This book is the 2nd one in the Russell Brunson Secrets Trilogy. If you want to fully grasp the Secrets Trilogy’s teachings, you will need to read the books in the same sequence they were released.

Want to turn your website’s visitors into lifelong customers? Why not check this one out. Nestling’s top 19 virtually unknown secrets, Expert Secrets is the book for no-nonsense, result-oriented individuals who believe in action. 

Sometimes you have to cherish what you have got in your funnels without having to consistently look for more traffic. You have to work hard and then reap benefits from your funnels, no excuses. Just like what Brunson says; “There is a big difference between having a funnel and having a funnel that is actually making money”. 

In this book, Russell Brunson has discussed the importance of communication with your visitors in the funnel and has emphasized how a set of patterns emerges by following the transformational business model instead of a transactional one. He strongly recommends building a tribe of prospective people and maintaining a good rapport with them. 

But, how to do this?

We all get fascinated by stories. Storytelling is an art that has become a crucial part of the marketing field. Outstanding marketers are great storytellers.

In his remarkable book “Expert Secrets”, Russell Brunson deconstructed the storytelling art in online marketing. Also, learning to tell your story is a way to motivate people to move in your funnels and turn into potential buyers. Think of yourself as a performer where funnels are your virtual stage, act wisely, and effectively. 

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Russell Brunson best books-Traffic Secrets

Traffic secrets

The third playbook in the Secret Trilogy is the Traffic Secrets book. Launching a website or manufacturing a product is a relatively easier task. The difficulty comes with the promotion and marketing of these products. Traffic secrets is latest one among Russell Brunson best books.

The concept of monetization through ads and affiliate marketing seems like a go-to choice for earning. However, how to generate traffic that knows you, and knows where to reach you and, in a recurring manner? 

After a series of trial and error, Russell Brunson found the answer to this question:

“Because of the traffic secrets that I have set up for my business, we now get an average of 1.79 Million Visitors to our main website ( per month!” 

For more details and purchasing the Traffic Secrets book, click here

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