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It is the era of advanced technology and cloud computing. Networking has become so strong that it has connected the whole world through a search engine. The most popular search engine being, Google. Along with this enhanced interconnectedness, the chances of online work and online business have increased. Many freelancing websites are available where you have to make id and then just have to give some basic information about your skills you know.

Increasing freelance market:

Moreover, freelancing sites are increasing gradually due to the growing number of both employers and employees who embrace freelancing. This is a platform where clients post their job requirements and freelancers bid on them. And this is either an hourly rate job or a fixed rate project.

What do you mean by freelancing?

Working from home is formally known as “freelancing”. Freelancers are exponentially increasing in the whole world, especially in, USA. 53% of the workforce in the USA consists of freelancers. The idea of working from home is so enticing that rarely anyone would ignore it. But for getting results through online work, one needs to understand the freelancing sites list. 

Best freelancing sites:

We have made this post to inform you about the top 5 freelancing sites list in the world. These sites have millions of registered users and clients who exchange their services for payment, respectively. You can also start working from home through legitimate means. We are here to guide you throughout the freelancing journey. Let’s have a look at the top 5 freelancing websites in the world. 


It is the most professional online earning platform used and trusted globally by independent professionals and businesses. The CEO of Up work is Stephane Kasreil but the founders of this great platform were Stratis and Odysseas. It was known as Elance-oDesk back in 2015. Its headquarters are located in California. If you want to rise as a professional in the freelancing market, you should join the freelancing on Upwork to prove your talent and skills. 

So, freelancing on Upwork is better for finding high-paying, long-term projects.


Fiverr was founded back in February 2010 and it has grown in popularity since then.

. It provides a platform for freelancers to sell their services to clients. It is the perfect platform for newbie freelancers as compared to Upwork which is more inclined towards professionals. 

You can join Fiverr today, and start your freelancing journey right away. 

Why freelancing sites like fiver are safe?

If you start working on freelancing sites like fiver, you are assured that your data are protected as the website never shares seller information with the other party. While fiver is better for offering multiple high volumes, narrow and repeatable services.


More than 30 million users are registered on, making it one of the gigantic freelancing platforms in the world. Matt Barrie who is an Australian entrepreneur is the CEO of a freelancer which is a global crowdsourcing marketplace. It provides an opportunity for every person to find work or post projects in case he is searching for freelancers.

 Projects are posted every other second on these freelancing top websites making it potentially the fastest expensive platform for finding work and clients. Join freelancer today, and start your amazing online earning career.


In my recent research, it is found that PeoplePerHour has posted about 1.1 million jobs, has generated about $100+ freelancers, and is spotted with 1.5 million registered users. And currently operates in 89 countries of the world. It is a freelance market composed of people who have expertise in their fields.

This platform enables businesses to reach their professional level who can work flexibly at any time. It is a UK-based company and Xenios is the founder and CEO of PeoplePerHour. It specializes in showcasing numerous features that include proposal viewing, in-app messaging, account management, and invoicing.

Among the best freelancing websites, its pricing plans come in different forms such as monthly, onetime, and quote-based payments that can suit individual freelancers.

The best part about PeoplePerHour:

If you are a beginner, you don’t have to worry about not getting paid on time as this freelance platform requires buyers to make down payments before you start working on the project.

What are you waiting for? Create an account on and start your freelance tour!


Guru is a freelance platform where independent professionals collaborate with employers from all over the world. It was actually in 1998 in Pittsburgh as and is still headquartered there. Moreover, Inder Gulgani is the founder of Guru allows for specific job postings while accepting a vast selection of job categories. 

On the other hand, it is also able to streamline all project management tasks so that businesses can handle better projects. These projects include document sharing and crafting payment details.

It is one of the freelancing top websites where freelancers are rewarded with long-term client relationships as keeps tabs on workers who are ready to deliver projects effectively. This is how the guru can work with the same employers in the near future. The best part is that private communication with clients can be done from the dashboard. Moreover, it provides freelancers with secure payments in order to avoid disputes.

Join and start your amazing freelance journey.

Final Verdict:

Being a freelancer you have the freedom to choose your next job, where it will be, and when it will be. In order to make you familiar with the freelance marketplace, we have listed these platforms for you. These platforms will help you to start your new career. Moreover, if you work hard will also contribute to your income. So, create a profile that best suits your skills. Then update your account and start bidding on projects.

If you are a beginner freelancer looking for work, you know how challenging the task can be. Hence these are the top 5 freelancing websites dedicated to helping professionals like you get work.

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