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pro freelance platform - upwork

Upwork is a worldwide outsourcing online platform that connects companies and employers with independent professionals and experts. It was founded in 2015 and was previously known as Elance-oDesk. You can imagine its global importance in the freelancing world with the fact that it has 5 million registered clients and 12 million registered freelancers. 250,000 jobs are being posted every month on Upwork which becomes 3 million annually.


One interesting thing to note is that Elance was founded in 1999 and oDesk was founded in 2003. Elance and oDesk merged in December 2013. The Upwork was formed 1 year and months after this merging of two companies. 


How does it work: Upwork works by allowing clients to interview and then hire freelancers who meet their demands. The proposals are submitted by the freelancers through a specific window made for this purpose. The employer interviews the freelancer to discuss the requirements, deadline, and price of the project. Sometimes, employers can also send invitations to the selected freelancer and also talk with him on a real-time platform which was recently introduced to reduce the time.

Profile creation: 

The most important step for a freelancer who just joined the Upwork community is to make a compelling profile. You can make a comprehensive profile with the options available on Upwork. Don’t worry about it at the start to make it perfect. Just focus on mentioning your basic details like education, experience, skills, languages level, and a convincing introduction of yourself. Your profile will also show the score achieved in the tests taken on Upwork and you can also add professional certifications if any. You can populate the Portfolio section once you get enough experience on Upwork working with international clients.


Find Work:

You can find jobs by clicking the “Find Work” tab on the top left side of the window. You can choose the categories according to your skill-set then bid on the job postings of your choice. It is really important to write a compelling proposal to convince the employer that you are eligible of completing the job. Employers need entry-level, intermediate, or expert-level of skills while posting jobs so newbie freelancers should bid for the entry-level jobs.


Payment procedure:

The employer chooses his budget while posting the job and a certain amount is held in escrow which is released later on when the employer is completely satisfied by the delivered work of the freelancer. The freelancer can withdraw the amount once it is available by going in the ‘Reports’ tab and clicking ‘Overview’. There will be four states shown namely “Work in Progress, In Review, Pending, Available”. 


Payment Withdrawal:

The withdrawal fee is PKR100/- which will be deducted regardless of the number of earnings. You should enter the details of your bank account along with your IBAN number and swift code. It is also important for a non-USA resident to fill a tax form confirming that he is not a USA citizen. 


As Upwork only allows professionals to provide their services so it is important to find and polish your skill before signing up for Upwork. You can take courses provided by to learn from a huge amount of in-demand courses and prove your skill level by an internationally accredited certification.

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