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GoHighLevel Features Guide 2024

GoHighLevel Features Guide 2024

GoHighLevel, in 2024, boasts a comprehensive toolkit integrating CRM, automation, email marketing, sales funnels, website-building, SMS, calling, appointment booking, workflow, pipeline management, and course creation. 

GoHighLevel Features Overview:

This all-in-one platform enhances marketing and client engagement by automating SMS messaging and appointment scheduling tasks. The user-friendly dashboard allows seamless access to and management of GoHighLevel features. Take advantage of the 30-day free trial and potential discounts to experience the power of GoHighLevel in streamlining operations and elevating your marketing efforts.

Manage infinite marketing campaigns effortlessly within GoHighLevel without the hassle of multiple logins or dashboards. The platform’s streamlined interface simplifies the process despite the learning curve initially.

All-in-One Platform:

High Levels’ comprehensive toolkit featuring CRM, pipeline management, automation, and communication tools are consolidated within a user-friendly dashboard. The drag-and-drop design simplifies the creation of websites, funnels, and landing pages, eliminating the need for coding skills.

Intelligent Pipelines for Sales Management:

Create customizable pipelines with defined stages, allowing leads to progress automatically through each phase. Assign values to leads for a quick overview of the pipeline’s current value. Real-time notifications keep you informed about new activities and leads, enhancing responsiveness.

Limitless Sales Funnels:

Experience unparalleled flexibility with GoHighLevel as it imposes no restrictions on the number of sales funnels you can create. Unlike other funnel-building programs, GoHighLevel empowers users to craft pages from scratch or seamlessly import templates and existing funnels from platforms like ClickFunnels.

GoHighLevel’s building tool facilitates the incorporation of conversion techniques, including booking calendars, two-step order forms, countdown timers, and progress bars. Elevate your sales funnels by hosting them on subdomains and integrating buttons that prompt readers to initiate actions such as calling, texting, or emailing. Unleash the potential of limitless sales funnel creation with GoHighLevel’s intuitive and feature-rich platform.

Intuitive Website Building:

GoHighLevel’s website builder offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface for crafting single- or multi-page websites effortlessly. Stand out with the ability to embed forms and conversion techniques seamlessly. What distinguishes this builder is its array of ready-made industry templates.

Whether designing a site for a lawyer or another profession, choose from pre-designed layouts within specific template areas. While every aspect is customizable to meet individual needs, the availability of base templates significantly expedites the design process. 

Dynamic Surveys and Forms:

With GoHighLevel, unleash the potential of countless polls, surveys, and forms that seamlessly integrate into your client’s websites. These tools serve as powerful channels for both lead generation and gathering customer feedback. 

All survey and form data is conveniently consolidated on the GoHighLevel dashboard, offering a comprehensive overview. Export functionality to Google Docs allows for efficient data management and analysis. 

Email Marketing:

GoHighLevel excels in email marketing, offering the flexibility to craft emails from scratch or choose from an array of templates—schedule emails for immediate dispatch or set specific dates and times. Manage contact batches efficiently to prevent pipeline overload. Seamlessly integrate created emails into marketing workflows, forming part of multi-channel campaigns. 

The email builder includes additional tools such as incorporating RSS feeds, previewing and sending test emails, creating custom unsubscribe links, and adding triggers and hyperlinks. Stay informed with comprehensive email statistics and reports, allowing a real-time assessment of your campaign progress. 

Effortless Design with Drag-and-Drop:

Experience seamless email creation with GoHighLevel’s user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Elements are easily accessible on the left, allowing a straightforward drag-and-drop into the customizable space on the right. 

Each element’s sub-menu provides extensive customization options, from font and colors to image embedding and video integration (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, HTML5). After crafting your layout, effortlessly send the email and save it as a template for future use.

Versatile Template Options:

Choose from GoHighLevel’s pre-made email templates, ensuring quick and convenient design solutions. Customize every element according to your preferences. Additionally, leverage other template options, such as using previously created emails as templates or importing designs from ActiveCampaign and Mailchimp. For advanced users, import templates from third-party providers using HTML code. 

Robust 2-Way SMS Marketing:

GoHighLevel’s 2-Way SMS marketing is potent for dynamic marketing campaigns and nurturing conversations. Send text messages manually to specific contacts or seamlessly automate the process within workflows.

All automated or manual messages are sent directly to the contact’s phone number, with replies recorded and tracked on the GoHighLevel platform.

Seamless Twilio Integration:

Leverage Twilio integration for SMS messages and calls, a leading customer engagement platform widely adopted across businesses. Set up using a unique SID number from Twilio, enabling message and call functionalities. 

Complete messaging customization allows tailored replies within workflows triggered by specific events or keywords, enhancing personalization and engagement. Elevate your marketing and conversation strategies with GoHighLevel’s comprehensive and integrated 2-way SMS marketing capabilities.

AI-Driven Text Generation:

GoHighLevel incorporates machine learning in its automatic text generator, continually improving responses with increased usage. The built-in AI text generator achieves remarkable authenticity, making it challenging to distinguish between machine-generated and human responses.

Visual Precision with Text Editor:

Experience enhanced clarity in text creation with GoHighLevel’s visual text editor. The preview window dynamically updates as you compose messages, providing a real-time representation of how the text will appear on the lead’s phone. This feature facilitates a comprehensive understanding of the message’s presentation from the lead’s perspective, ensuring precision and effectiveness in communication.

Effortless Marketing Campaigns with Workflow Automation:

GoHighLevel’s workflow tool simplifies marketing campaign creation, automating significant portions of the process. Utilizing a drag-and-drop interface, you create a flowchart-like structure, seamlessly initiating events such as email invites and scheduling follow-up actions. The intuitive design includes submenus for detailed customization, allowing you to set specific parameters like scheduling times and choosing days. 

This powerful workflow automation places your marketing strategies on autopilot, streamlining the campaign creation process and enhancing efficiency within the GoHighLevel platform.

Seamless Course and Product Hosting:

GoHighLevel empowers users to create, host, and sell courses and digital products directly on its platform. The intuitive drag-and-drop tool simplifies the process, offering a pre-mapped course structure for a quick template-based setup. 

Add diverse elements such as text, images, and videos to tailor your course content. Benefit from full-featured course management, including automatic access upon sign-up, membership oversight, and detailed data analytics. GoHighLevel seamlessly integrates with Stripe for automated payments, granting access upon purchase.

GoHighLevel Integrations:

GoHighLevel seamlessly integrates with many third-party applications, expanding its functionality beyond Mailgun and Twilio.

Zapier Connectivity:

Leverage Zapier to connect GoHighLevel with over 5,000 apps, facilitating automated actions triggered by specific events. Popular integrations include Facebook, Quickbooks, Shopify, ActiveProspect, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Zoom, Google, WebinarKit, TikTok, and more.

Web Chat and Messenger Integration:

Enhance communication channels by connecting Facebook Messenger and web chat facilities through Zapier. Integrate these conversations into marketing workflows for a comprehensive and diversified approach to reaching leads and clients.

Stripe for Payments:

Utilize Stripe compatibility within GoHighLevel to seamlessly receive payments for products or services as part of your marketing campaigns.

Invoice Feature and QuickBooks Integration:

Explore the new Invoice Feature on GoHighLevel for streamlined client invoicing and expense tracking. If you prefer specific accounting software like QuickBooks, use Zapier to integrate the service seamlessly.


GoHighLevel offers an unparalleled array of features at an unbeatable price point. Whether you’re a marketing novice or an experienced professional, the platform provides exceptional value. While the initial learning curve is present, mastering the extensive feature set proves worthwhile, making GoHighLevel a valuable asset for all your marketing endeavors.

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