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GoHighLevel Pricing Guide 2024

GoHighLevel Pricing Guide 2024

Navigating Go High Levels pricing can be perplexing due to its historical fluctuations. To simplify your decision-making process, here’s a comprehensive GoHighLevel Pricing Guide for 2024. 

Over the years, their pricing structure has undergone changes, making it crucial to stay updated. One notable tip is the potential for substantial savings with annual subscription plans; it’s a cost-effective option worth considering. 

This guide aims to demystify the current pricing plans, ensuring you select the most suitable one for your business needs. Stay informed about the latest updates of GoHighLevel pricing guide to make an informed decision and maximize your savings.

Is GoHighLevel Worth The Cost? 

 Streamline your marketing efforts with GoHighLevel CRM, consolidating various tools into one robust platform. Unify your marketing tools, website development, landing pages, and funnels while eliminating the need for separate email systems, CRMs, calendar tools, and more – a cost-effective solution. 

Explore High Levels pricing plans, which, when compared to competitors, offer quality services at a relatively lower cost. Particularly noteworthy is the comparison with ClickFunnels, a top competitor in the funnel building space, where GoHighLevel excels with its emphasis on marketing automation and a built-in CRM.

GoHighLevel boasts comprehensive features encompassing CRM, marketing automation, email marketing, and a full suite for website, funnel, and membership site creation. Elevate your lead engagement with automated, tailored follow-up campaigns through diverse channels like Facebook Messenger, SMS, voice calls, voicemail drops, and more, enhancing response rates effectively.

GoHighLevel Pricing plans

GoHighLevel has three pricing plans: 

  • GoHighLevel Free Trial
  • Agency Starter Account, $97 Per Month
  • Agency Unlimited Account, $297 Per Month
  • Agency Pro SaaS Mode Plan, $497 Per Month

Let’s explore all pricing plans one by one.

  • GoHighLevel Free Trial

Experience GoHighLevel’s capabilities risk-free with a 14-day trial. Visit the website, select your preferred pricing plan (Agency Starter or Agency Unlimited), and provide basic details to create an account. During this trial, explore the full range of features in your chosen plan, especially the advantages of the Agency Unlimited Account.

Be mindful that after 14 days, non-cancellation implies your intent to continue, resulting in charges for the chosen plan. Make the most of this trial to ensure GoHighLevel aligns with your business needs before committing.

  •  Agency Starter Account, $97 Per Month

Opt for the Agency Starter Account at $97 per month, tailored for individual businesses, offering comprehensive access to GoHighLevel features. Enjoy main tools and Twilio integration, unlocking the GoHighLevel API for two-way SMS texting. With the ability to create a Mailgun account, you can facilitate unlimited sending by entering your API. 

Note that the Agency Starter Account provides one login, suitable for personal or client use. For those new to marketing or managing a single business, this plan is an ideal entry point, providing an opportunity to explore GoHighLevel’s capabilities and options effectively.

  • Agency Unlimited Account, $297 Per Month

For $297 monthly, upgrade to the Agency Unlimited Account, building on the Agency Starter features with extra perks. This plan not only provides all the Agency Starter benefits but also grants you unlimited sub-accounts for clients. Create numerous accounts for your businesses and clients effortlessly. 

Additionally, with the Agency Unlimited Account, craft a branded desktop app using your domain for a personalized, unique brand appearance. Whether you’re a small or large business, investing in the Agency Unlimited Account enhances your ability to create a distinctive and personalized customer experience, contributing to a more unique and memorable brand identity.

  • Agency Pro SaaS Mode Plan, $497 Per Month

Introducing the latest addition, the GoHighLevel SaaS Mode, also known as Agency SaaS Pro or GoHighLevel Pro, at $497/month – currently, the highest-priced subscription. This innovative plan allows you to white label and sell the software as your own, essentially transforming you into a SaaS business.

Confusingly named, the SaaS Mode offers the opportunity to resell HighLevel under your brand. Explore this advanced feature by applying for a free trial of the SaaS Mode, providing a risk-free experience as you venture into becoming a SaaS entrepreneur with GoHighLevel.

White Label Account, An Additional $497 Per Month

Enhance your business capabilities by adding the White Label Account to the Agency Unlimited plan for an extra $497, totaling $794 monthly. This white label option empowers you to create a customized mobile app, providing your customers with a unique mobile experience and convenient data access on their phones. 

Enjoy the advantage of a custom Zapier setup tailored to your business by GoHighLevel. Furthermore, the white label feature opens up a new revenue stream, allowing you to sell the platform as your personalized subscription service to clients, providing an additional source of income and expanding your brand’s offerings.

GoHighLevel Plan Monthly Price Annual Price
Agency Starter $97 $970
Agency Unlimited $297 $2,970
White Label Upgrade $497 $4,970

Who Should Be Using GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel caters to a diverse user base, from local businesses with 1 to 1,000 locations aiming to boost sales leads and expand their customer base, to marketing agencies seeking streamlined operations and resource savings. It proves invaluable for sales teams as well, providing an all-encompassing solution for marketing and CRM follow-ups, enhancing efficiency in sales processes.

The platform’s versatility extends beyond specific industries, making it a go-to for entrepreneurs, SaaS professionals, marketers, service-based businesses, and coaches. If you’re part of a local business, agency, sales team, or an entrepreneur looking for swift and efficient marketing solutions, GoHighLevel is worth exploring. Plus, its user-friendly interface ensures accessibility for individuals of varying technical backgrounds, eliminating the need for extensive tech-savvy skills.

Final Thoughts 

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one CRM, marketing, and sales platform tailored for marketing agencies, local businesses, sales teams, and entrepreneurs. It streamlines operations, saving time and resources while increasing client acquisition and sales leads. 

The 14-day trial, offering the Agency Starter or Unlimited Account options, lets you explore its benefits risk-free. Notably, the White Label add-on allows for a customized mobile app and unique Zapier zaps, adding a distinctive touch to your business. This pricing guide underscores GoHighLevel’s value, making it a worthwhile investment for enhanced efficiency and impactful results.


How much is GoHighLevel per month?

If you opt for monthly payments, GoHighLevel costs either $97/month or $297/month, depending on your chosen plan.

What are the costs of GoHighLevel pricing plans?

  • The Agency Starter Plan is $97/month or $2,970/year.
  • The Agency Unlimited Plan is $297/month or $4,970/year.
  • The White Label Upgrade is $497/month or $4,970/year.

Does GoHighLevel offer a free plan?

No, GoHighLevel does not provide a free plan. However, you can explore the platform with a 30-day free trial before committing to a subscription.

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