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10 SEO Tips For Small Businesses

More than 90 percent of people turn to search engines to discover a product or service. What does this mean to you? As a small business owner, you stand a fair chance to get more quality traffic and leads.

Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of every business’s marketing strategy. Getting in front of the right customer at the right customer is the key to more sales and revenue. SEO is the technique that allows you to target a warm and hot audience who just needs a little push to buy from you.

Ranking on the top 10 results means more business will ensue. But, it calls for knowing the tips and tricks that can give you the highest return on investment.

We have curated for you a list of 10 SEO tips that can positively impact your website.

Choose right keywords

Keywords are the foundation on which the rest of the SEO building resides. If the foundation is not set right, the building will weaken. Creating content that targets the intent of the searcher is the ultimate objective of SEO. Ranking on the wrong keywords won’t benefit you much. Consider investing 40% of your time researching the right keywords.

Meta titles and descriptions

Use keywords in your meta title and descriptions. Don’t stuff them with keywords as it is considered a bad practice. However, writing a unique and engaging title and description is the key to getting more clicks when someone sees you in the search results.

Complete SEO audit

Without knowing the loopholes of your website, you cannot optimize it. So, put some time into doing a comprehensive SEO audit to identify the potential flaws and fix them on priority.

Schema markup

Using structured data or popularly known as schema markup is an overlook SEO activity. Adding schema markup creates rich snippets for the web page which stands a fair chance of appearing in search engines.

Internal linking

Writing content and hitting publish button is not the solution unless the web pages are properly linked together. If you interconnect all relevant web pages together, it will positively impact the relevance of your website which will impact the rankings.

UR; structure

Keep the page URL short and unique. Adding the focus keyword in the link is a good approach to optimizing your web page.

Loading speed

Fixing technical issues and optimizing your images and CSS files will help your website load faster resulting in a greater user experience. Good loading speed is one of the determining factors in ranking a website.

Work on responsiveness

More than 50% of internet users access it through smartphones. This makes it an absolute no-brainer to optimize your website for mobile phones so that it appears perfectly across multiple devices.

Consistent content

A site’s publishing schedule is one of the factors which determines the ranking. Make it a habit to publish regular content on a consistent schedule.

Update and repurpose

You should work smartly by optimizing old content and repurposing it in new formats is the best approach that saves time. No one remembers a 2-month-old content. So, don’t be conscious about it. It is a web-established practice among marketers to repurpose old content.

If you implement all these tips, your chances of getting top rankings will skyrocket. Incorporate them into your content strategy and make use of all the benefits that SEO has to offer.



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