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5 Benefits Of Working Online

Not all the people want to advance their careers by doing 9-9-hour jobs. The job concept emerged with the Industrial Revolution and it prevailed in society very quickly. Today, virtually everyone thinks of finding a high-paying job to enjoy the luxuries of life. With the advent of the information age and new technologies emerging on the surface, the ways of earning have taken a huge turn. A wide number of the population is joining online platforms for earning livelihood working part-time or full-time. To your surprise, online earning is a billion-dollar industry nowadays. With millions of people connected online on a global level through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, the chances of gaining exposure for the businesses have quadrupled.

If we take into consideration the earning platforms, as most of the people in Pakistan are still unaware of their existence and working,,, and are the global platforms that have provided millions of jobs to people belonging to different countries. One can hardly imagine the benefits of entering the world of freelancing.

We have penned down 5 awesome benefits of working and earning online to give you an idea of how amazing your online journey can be:


One of the greatest benefits of working online is that you can set up your working routine based on your daily life routine, Whether you are a student or a housewife or a fresh graduate seeking a job, doors for earning are open for you. All you need is the right set of skills, coupled with determination and hard work. Once you are sure about your skills, you can dive into the world of freelancing with enough confidence to persuade potential clients about your skill set. Employers want talented freelancers to provide them with quality work on time. If you have the necessary skills, why would anyone not consider you for the job? But the problem arises when we are not sure about what skills we possess or what skills are required in the market. All you need is to learn the market competitive skills and start your online career. Skill Gains provides you the opportunity to learn skills in demand at a low cost and provides you with proper guidance through its dedicated support team.

Flexible space:

Another benefit of working online is that there is no restriction on sticking up to a fixed workplace. A laptop and an internet connection are all you need to get started. A few years ago, this portable work concept was quite alien to the world but now it has become a reality that every person is willing to adopt. You no longer need to miss family functions or get-togethers with friends due to your work commitments. You can be present among your family and friends and still able to accomplish your work tasks provided you don’t get involved in the gossip thing 🙂

Variety of jobs:

There are numerous opportunities for you to do the work of your choice. Even, some informal and quick ways of earning have emerged which need the least effort on your part. One interesting example is the people selling their well-developed game profiles, YouTube accounts, and Facebook pages having huge numbers of subscribers. Facebook is no longer just an informal platform for friends and families to share their pictures and videos but it has become a full-fledged advertisement platform for businesses. Digital media marketing is the new field in the IT industry and it is predicted that there will be 150,000 digital media jobs by 2020. You can start your Youtube channel, create a Facebook page on the niche in which you have skills, make a group, start providing services on platforms like Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork, or do content writing on Content. You can also start your online business selling handmade items on platforms like Shopify and Amazon. Opportunities are just endless, aren’t they?

Earning potential:

With a wide range of job postings in various niches and huge exposure for businesses, you can only imagine how much earnings you can accumulate if you invest your efforts and time on the right platform. All you need is to learn the ins and outs completely and gain expertise in the niche of your choice. You can browse a wide range of courses on Skill Gains to become an expert in your skills and boost your earning potential. With 500 million people

Virtual Business:

The online environment holds tremendous exposure for both startup and developed businesses. A business needs marketing and advertising to increase its growth. Businesses can reach their potential customers by using customized Ad campaigns on Facebook and Google. The option of SEO can also be used to gain organic leads on a low budget. You can start a digital media marketing business by learning digital marketing techniques and providing these services to startups and small businesses. You can use this skill to even promote your Website, blog, or products you own. Just a powerful idea and you are ready to start your business. You can also hire a digital media marketing team to promote your services or products. Just imagine the diversity of roles you can take depending on your likeness and goals.

The benefits of freelancing outweigh the 9-hour job. We hope you have a successful journey as a freelancer and bring massive bucks into your account. Strive to achieve excellence by providing expert-level services to make your mark in the freelancing world.

Today nobody wants to sit idle and earn nothing by themselves. Being independent in present-day to today life is very important. Be it a teenager or a youngster no one wants to be dependent on their parents for their pocket money or other small expenses which can be earned by themselves and they can spend it in whatever way they like. For such people who wish to work and earn by themselves working online is a good option because it does not demand your full time devotion in accomplishing the task. Earning money online gives you ample opportunity to utilize your time on the net by earning some cash which earlier used to earn wasted in surfing or playing games. Very few are aware that even playing games may help them earn money online. This is the simplest way to make money for all age groups. Most remarkably work online jobs do not require special skills to master or learn a special program to make cash. All housewives and retired men can do it with their basic knowledge of operating internet and computers.

Freedom to work at home is making it very popular and many people are getting attracted to it. As it does not demand your fixed timings and hours to devote it has great flexibility with when to work, how to work, and for how long to work. This flexibility of time and freedom to work from anywhere and in any outfit is given only in work-from-home jobs. Apart from this one can take up the job which interests one. One can become an Advantages-Of-Working-From-Home-freelancer writer, blogger, counselor, etc., and do these jobs side by side with their main job and fulfill their desire of writing or helping people by counseling them through online emails or chats. Apart from this, there are many survey sites that are in frequent search of new customers who can share their experiences and give their ideas and represent their feedback on a particular product or service. Some people are earning their living out of it. Yes, it can be a good source of income but it will demand your 5-6 hours to make a handsome amount which you can cherish at the end of the month.

The survey sites are websites that are directly connected to some product or service sites that upload their survey form at regular intervals. The job of these sites is to collect data in the form surveys and provide feedback to the companies. Not only popular companies but new ones are also using survey techniques because they give a detailed overview of what customers like or dislike and what modifications they expect from their products or services. Hence people can register themselves on these online survey sites and work online and give their feedback. Sometimes the companies also shower their customers and people who participate in surveys with lots of freebies. Therefore you can get expensive and popular products as gift. The motive of giving free samples is to make the customers aware of their latest products and use them and then give feedback accordingly. There are a lot more jobs that offer work-at-home facility, Filling survey was one way to make cash online but there are other ways too by which one earn money by making the best use of the internet.

Those who are very much interested in gaming and have deep knowledge about gaming techniques can further make money by playing games on the sites and then filling out surveys or feedback forms. Many may wonder why these sites would pay for filling out feedback forms or playing games online. Well, the answer is very simple, just to gain popularity and attract more and more traffic to their website making it popular and a rich website and they do not find any harm in sharing a little of their profit with their players. Writing and publishing content online can further help in earning money online.

If one is an ardent writer and enjoys writing on various topics then content development can also be a good option to earn money writing articles and work at home. People are writing content and getting it published on Kindle and are paid accordingly. Once you become popular and your content is worthy and liked by customers you can gradually increase your rate and earn more in less time. Blogging is one such example of using your writing abilities and getting them portrayed on a big platform. Many companies do not want to take pains in editing their content or rewrite it or correct it so they are always in search of editors who can make corrections and prepare catchy content for their websites. Such companies are ready to pay sufficiently.

Another method to generate cash online is by developing websites for the big and small companies and you will be paid for it. Become an online teacher if you master any of the subjects and earn money by teaching online. But this would require your fixed timings and hours to devote.

Hence there are numerous ways of earning money online but it’s just, how much serious you are and what you want to do. Advertise your skills and get paid for what you have.


One of the reasons that I’m so excited about sharing the option of working online is that I’ve seen it provide all of the meaningful, fulfilling lifestyle changes that people are often seeking. Both in our own personal experience, and that of many other freelancers we’ve collaborated with, or met in passing along the way.


In contrast, I’ve seen friends and family stuck in a rut – myself included – try to turn things around at certain points by getting a new job, or studying something new to change careers. After the initial hope and excitement of a change in situation, the novelty soon wears off, and they realize they’re back to facing those same small ongoing challenges that gradually drain the life out of them. Things like:

Leaving their comfortable home every morning to spend the full day away from loved ones.

Not having any spare time to pursue the things they really love to do.

Having a capped monthly income which can’t be increased temporarily when there’s an unexpected bill.

Trying to get the house cleaned, the clothes washed and the food prepped every weekend before starting it all over again.

When I started working from home with a full-time freelance income, it was like 90% of the “don’t wants” I had ever been hung up on in my life suddenly disappeared.

I don’t say that lightly.

I really do mean suddenly.

I’m not saying it was a walk in the park and I no longer had day-to-day challenges to handle, or work to put in. But what I mean is that those deep longings and pleas of “I don’t get it, life should’t be like this,” were just no longer there.

They’d been replaced with the contented thought:

We’ve done it. This is it. This is what I’ve actually been looking for this whole time.

Oh boy, what a freeing feeling that was.

There were so, so many small contributing factors that added up to create that new experience of life, but these were six of the big ones – those intense burning desires that I’d finally accomplished by learning how to work online.


  1. I really didn’t want to be away from the kids the whole day long, 5 days a week, for the next 18 years.

Oh wow, this one was so huge. About a year before I fell pregnant with our first child, I’d had an insider preview of what was to come if I’d continued working where I was in the corporate world. My little office cubicle was right alongside several moms who had young toddlers and babies in childcare, and I clearly remember feeling tension on their behalf. I’d see the latest photos of their child pop up on their computer screen while we were working away, and I’d think how strange it was that they had to wait all day until early evening to catch the bus back across the city, pick them up, and see them for an hour or so before it was bed time.

I experienced this routine myself for a few months when our daughters had just turned 1 and 2, and I’d gone back to work in our attempts to save money for our move to Costa Rica. As any mom knows, caring for little ones is intense work indeed, and in comparison a stint in a regular ol’ job can feel like a welcome break. Everyone’s different, but the way that I experienced it was that the welcome and enjoyable part of the ‘break’ was really less than a couple of hours of the day, around mid-morning. The very beginning of the day I’d always be trying to get over the fact that I’d slipped out the door of the daycare mom’s home while my 1 year old was looking the other way, distracted with toys – compromising on the proper “I love you, see you soon” goodbye for the sake of minimizing the crying and stress.

I was never in either camp – for or against moms going back to work – I’m of the belief that there’s just too many variables to say one is better than the other. I just remember thinking there must be another option. (And before I found freelancing, I did in fact try one other option for 6 months – being a family day carer in my own home so that I could stay with my baby all day. I loved having cool new playmates for my daughter, but I can tell you, I wasn’t cut out for it. 🙂 )

2. I really wanted to wake up naturally, without an alarm clock.

When I went a little overboard on personal development seminars in my early twenties, you could often find sheets of paper and notebooks all over the house listing out various revised versions of my latest list of goals. On nearly every one of those lists would be “I wake up naturally every single day, without an alarm clock.”

For years I dreamed about that.

While my seminar going buddies would pen elaborate plans for their future businesses and homes and yachts and passive income (that was all the rage back then), I would be intently focused on finding a way around one of my strongest “don’t wants” at the time… that crazy sensation in your body when your deep sleep cycle is suddenly broken by incessant shrill beeping.

The only thing more annoying than an alarm clock?

Your partner’s alarm clock when they’re due to wake up one and a half hours before you!

Oh thank goodness those days are long gone.


  1. I really wanted to study new skills, without being obligated to hand in assignments or pass exams.

I’m a bit of a nerd. I love reading and studying things in my downtime. But what I don’t like is being obligated to do stuff I don’t want to do. (You too?)

And what I really wanted to do when I was going to work in the corporate world was to go back to university and study something part time, just for the excitement of it. Or take a short course in naturopathy or aromatherapy at an expensive, private college with fancy buildings.

I didn’t want the obligation of having to turn in assignments or study all-night long for exams. When you manage that a first time and make it through to the other side, you sure have to have some serious motivation to voluntarily put yourself under that kind of pressure yet again. I tip my hat to those that do.

So when online marketing training, and later online skills training took off, I was in heaven. Study as much as you want, either for free or low cost, with no obligation to waste time completing hypothetical projects for grades, and every opportunity to gradually increase your knowledge, skill set and income month by month.


  1. I really wanted to experience living in other countries, and not be worried about my savings running out.

Some motivated single people in the companies I’d worked for had saved diligently for a year, headed off on a 1 year back-packing tour or similar on unpaid leave, and returned with stories to entertain us at all on morning tea breaks. For the first few weeks of their return… you could see the longing in their eyes, and almost hear the conversation going on in their head: “Okay, I’m outta money. Time to get used to ‘normal’ working life again. Time to start saving for the next great adventure.”

I wondered if it was possible to never have to come home from the adventure. Furthermore, I wondered if it was possible to do that once you had a family.

When I started freelancing from my new home in Costa Rica, I had my answer there!


  1. I really wanted to make time to exercise, but I absolutely didn’t want to wake up at the crack of dawn to squeeze it in.

Now, I’m not a consistent exerciser. I have my on and my off times. But I’m well aware that it significantly contributes to my quality of life when I do, and that I have many more on times when the lifestyle conditions are conducive to actually making it happen.

Getting up at 5:00am to go for a jog, because you need to start getting ready for work at 6:00am, so that you can catch the bus at 7:10am is just not the type of routine that I could ever bring myself to stick with for more than two days.

Not to mention, becoming impossible to even attempt during that few months I was commuting to the city for an office job and being a mom at the same time. I remember during that time where both of us were commuting to work, Dan and I taking turns at going for a short run every other day simply because the gap between getting home, bathing the kids, prepping dinner and going to bed was so, so small that there was literally only time for one of us to exercise for 15 minutes.

Starting to earn our income by working online meant that:

We were free to live in another country where the lower cost of living meant we had to work less hours to pay our way, and…

The lower cost of wages meant that we were able to employ a nanny full time to hang out with us instead of sporadic babysitting, which meant that…

Our nanny and children got to know each other like family, which meant that…

There were no tears when Dan and I left the house for an hour, even while they were 2 and 3 years old, which meant that…

Either of us could happily go for a run any time of day, without impacting the other person’s work or childcare responsibilities for the day, or even go together at the very same time. Huge!

I have to say, I’m starting to take that one for granted, especially now that our kids are older. But in those toddler years it was seriously amazing. I’d never expected that kind of ease would be possible.


  1. I really wanted it no longer to be a major setback when we had an unexpected expense or temporary income drop.

Aaah, the relief of this long-held frustration was just what I needed.

Do you know that feeling when you’re cruising along doing the work thing, paying all your bills on time, being prudent, even having a good amount to spare for life’s little luxuries. And then out of nowhere, you find you need an extra few hundred dollars this week for something or other. And again, four weeks later.

Where does it come from?

Credit cards usually. Or overtime pay if you can work a Saturday at will, without being obligated by your boss to work Saturdays on an ongoing basis. Family, if you’re in a really tight bind.

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if you could rise to the occasion of an unexpected expense or temporary income drop by taking on additional billable hours or a new project in the following week. Not next year, when you get trained up for some second income weekend job, or get that promotion and a pay raise, but literally, next week.

We’ve really enjoyed this benefit of freelancing, most noticeably in the first couple of years. (Because the memory of having felt like our hands were always tied was still fresh back then.) In the beginning, it might have meant something as ‘drastic’ as the kids spending all day at the beach with Dad on the weekend, while Mom put in a full day of overtime on a Saturday. As we gained some experience freelancing and were able to communicate our value more effectively to raise our rates, those occasions of needing to pull a rabbit out of hat gradually became non-existent.

But in either scenario, I’ve never stopped appreciate the fact that freelancing affords you that flexibility to really be in control of your income and expenses. You can make changes to your work volume, type of work, rate, location, clothing, transportation and food budget at any stage, without any interruption whatsoever to the new career and online reputation you’re building. There’s fewer obligatory expenses and more choices.

So that’s it in a nutshell. The big six that collectively turned everything around.

What about you? What’s the change you welcomed the most when you started working online?




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