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Clickfunnels Review -Best sales funnel builder 2023

Sales funnels have become complex with the progress in internet technology. Doing marketing and making sales have never been as
difficult as it is today. Especially, those entrepreneurs and marketers with innovative ideas and visionary approaches to digital marketing have contributed to this transformation. You may be aware of sales funnel builders or deciding which one to choose for your business. In this Clickfunnels review, we’ll try our best to lay out the essential base for you to decide which is the best sales funnel
builder according to your needs.

Why so much hype around Clickfunnels?

On one hand, you see people raving about Clickfunnels and how it changed their lives upside down. While you also get across hate articles and videos showing their hate explicitly. They ask if is Clickfunnels legit and even worse if Clickfunnels is a scam. So who to believe? In my opinion, if you are a subject matter expert and know what you are doing, this tool can help you grow, for sure. It has helped hundreds of people scale their service and information business. Clickfunnels has a user base of more than 100,000. They are not using it for wasting
money. They must be getting huge benefits which makes them stick to the product on a month-to-month basis.

Difference between a sales funnel and a website

A website is made up of several linked web pages. It can be static or dynamic with lots of design elements and functionality. However, it is bad at converting visitors into buying customers. It is just your storefront where people come and see your company logo and look over the products lying on the shelf and then pass by. On the other hand, a sales funnel is like an expert salesperson convincing the passing people to come to have a look at the magnificent product line your company offers. It guides the users about the company, addresses their concerns and needs, and offers them solutions in the form of the company’s product. All of this leads to increased sales. Revenue for the business

Why do we need a Sales Funnel?

The funnel journey leads your site’s visitors to become prospective buyers. Initially, from ‘becoming aware of your offered products and
services’ to ‘considering their potential benefits’, he reaches the purchase stage, ultimately turning into a customer. The sales funnel does a better job of converting your lead. If you straight away ask the visitor to purchase a highly-priced item, he is most likely to say no. It is just like asking a stranger to marry you on the first interaction. You should build a connection with the visitor, build trust, show him empathy, establish a good rapport, and then ask for the purchase, A sales funnel lets us do exactly this. As visitors go through the funnel, more and more visitors are left, leaving only a handful of people who are interested in purchasing from you.

What are Clickfunnels? Is it legit?

So after a general idea about the importance of creating a sales funnel, the million-dollar question arises what is ClickFunnels? In this
Clickfunnels review, we’ll explore the popular sales funnel builder which has taken the market by storm in just 3 years. Clickfunnels is a sales funnel builder software that was co-founded by Russel Brunson with his teammates back in 2014. With Clickfunenls, you can create stunning landing pages, and sales pages, and connect them to make a robust sales funnel. You can integrate it with any email marketing software. You can host webinars, create online courses, and opt-in forms for lead generation. Clickfunnels, without a shadow of a doubt, is a legit software, It helps businesses attract high-quality leads and then turn them out into paying customers. The sales process is
pretty complex in today’s world where the masses have more information than ever in history. A sales funnel builder like Clickfunnels helps you create a robust funnel that turns your leads into customers. The best part is that you can set this up on autopilot which allows
you to enjoy the freedom of time.

How Clickfunnels started?

Since its launch in 2014, it has become a one-stop solution for non-coding entrepreneurs looking for an effective method to build sales
conversion funnels the easy way. It offers a complete marketing automation solution besides building highly converting landing pages
turned sales funnel. In theory, a prospect passes through an ideal buyer journey which leads him to an actual purchase decision. In reality, a 21st-century person goes through a complicated butter journey comprising of various touch points. Image Courtesy:

Clickfunnels Review

Russell Brunson, the father of the new era of entrepreneurs, has revolutionized digital marketing by introducing the sales funnel concept
in a new way. It’s high time you begin considering funnel building as it helps your customer cross different stages of your business. Let’s dig deeper to know how Clickfunnels can help you in growing your business.

One distinguishing feature

One thing that sets Clickfunnels apart from competitors is the ease of use by which some naive person can learn how to create a sales funnel.
Clickfunnels has
● Visual editor
● Landing page builder
● Built-in templates
● Email integration
Which makes funnel making a piece of cake for a non-techie person. On top of this. Clickfunnels equips you with the latest training in the field of marketing and sales so that you can use this software to its maximum potential.

Clickfunnels features

Drag and drop builder

Clickfunnels understand the struggles of non-technical people who have a bad time juggling with coding languages. Realizing the pain of such people who could not code, Clickfunnels brought its power-pack feature which could make a funnel-building process a piece of cake.
With Clickfunnels Drag and Drop builder, you can easily create an entire sales funnel, fully dynamic and functioning. Just drag the elements and drop them onto the screen and customize the sales funnel of your choice.

Themes and templates

Clickfunnels offers a marketplace where you can find themes and templates of the sales funnel. So, there is no need to create a funnel from
scratch. You can filter the funnel by categories and find out the sales funnel template suitable to your business needs. Clickfunnels have more than 100 templates to choose from.

A/B testing

Want to know what headline or bullet points brought more conversions? You can A/B test your campaigns with Clickfunnel’s inbuilt tracking and measurement features. To those who don’t know what A/B testing is or don’t know how to implement it, let me explain.
A/B test allows you to test two versions of a landing page or some other digital interface by changing a single variable at a time. For example, you can create two pages with different headlines and see which page got more traffic or conversions. You can split test colors and buttons and almost any item on your page for seeing if it brings more traffic. A/B testing is not only restricted to landing pages. You can split test ads, emails, and any sort of digital interface.

Clickfunnels Actionetics

This is the CRM feature of Clickfunnels. It is not available in the standard plan of Clickfunnels. However, if you upgrade to a platinum package, you can avail the benefits of Clickfunnels Actionetics. What Actionetics does do for you? It can create an automated response based on visitor behavior on your sales funnel. It not only sends automated emails but also responds based on your sales funnel setup. This all helps in creating a custom environment for the prospect to entice him to buy your product. You can track the touch points of a customer’s journey which helps you evaluate the customer’s behavior on your site. You can create an autabout rated flow of emails that will be sent to the people on a specific activity on your sales funnel. For example, leaving the cart email sequence. If you upgrade to Clickfunnels actionetics, you will get rid of any email autoresponders like Aweber or Convertkit, marketing automation software like Getresponse, chatbot, and desktop push notifications. The upgrade is worth the money because it will save you money previously
spent on other marketing products. If you had been hesitant to start your online business thinking how you will manage the marketing stuff, Actionetics is the solution you need. It automates your marketing and sales process with easy to navigate interface.

Clickfunnels Backpack

The backpack is an amazing feature of Clickfunnels. Just like Actionetics, Backpack is available in the higher-level packages of Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels allows you to make your affiliate program with the help of this tool. You can measure the performance of your affiliate’s sales within the dashboard. Tracking and measuring the performance of affiliates and upcoming sales becomes easier with this tool.
Marketing automation Creating an automated flow of emails is quite easy with the help of Clickfunnels. However, email marketing and CRM features are available in the advanced package of Clickfunnels. Furthermore, Clickfunnels can also be integrated with email marketing software like ActiveCampaign and GetResponse.

Integration with 3rd party apps

Clickfunnels integration with 3rd party apps is the most recommendable feature which makes it stand out in the crowd. You will need to contact your respective marketing platform for knowing how to integrate it with Clickfunnels. You can integrate Clickfunnels with popular marketing
platforms like:
● ActiveCampaign
● Actionetics (ClickFunnels’ email marketing tool)
● Constant Contact
● Paypal
● Drip
● Zapier
● Ever Webinar
● Facebook
● WordPress
● Hubspot
● Mailchimp
● Twilio
● Shopify
● Salesforce
● Getresponse
and many other platforms.

Clickfunnels Pricing

Clickfunnels offers three pricing options. You can avail of its standard package by paying $97 per month. You get 20 funnels and 100 landing
pages in this package. The advanced pricing plan known as the platinum package comes with a price tag of $297 which allows you to make
unlimited landing pages and funnels. The Two Comma Club package is the most expensive package, which costs $2497 per month. But, this package is for those business who are earning more than 1 million dollars in their business.
Read the complete Clickfunnels Pricing guide here
Pros of Clickfunnels
● Ease of Use
● Powerful integrations with third-party software
● Flexible editing and customization
● Marketing automation is efficient
Cons of Clickfunnels
● It is a bit expensive
● Customer support is not much efficient

Related products

If you want to grow your business and explode more sales, it is highly recommended that you read the three books written by the Clickfunnels founder. In this Clickfunnels review, we’ll also walk through the books that Russell Brunson has written with passion and experience for several years. They are the goldmine of knowledge about online businesses. Unlock the Secrets by Russel Brunson

Traffic Secrets

Traffic Secrets book is the last book in the Unlock the Secrets trilogy. Russell Brunson has gone the extra mile while explaining the superb
strategies for gaining traffic to your website and sales funnel online. This book is a golden goose of traffic generation techniques. Without
quality traffic, your product or website will be just like a decoration piece on the shelf.

Expert Secrets

In Expert Secrets, Russell Brunson breaks down the story-telling secrets of the experts in the internet marketing space. Story-telling is a crucial element in online marketing which the majority of internet marketers ignore. However, successful marketers have command over story-telling. This book formulates the story-telling strategy so your online campaigns could convert better.

Is Clickfunnels good for SEO?

SEO is not the core strength of Clickfunnels, It works well and yields more results with Google and Facebook ads. Can I make a website with Clickfunnels? Yes, you can create a website with Clickfunnels. This software provides a web editor which can allow you to edit pages on the go. What does Clickfunnels include? It includes advanced features along with premium training Funnelflox and daily virtual

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