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How to Become a Copywriter in 6 Months (Guaranteed)


Today, we are going to discuss about a lucrative and trendy career path any one with good english writing skills can opt for. Its a career which doesn’t need any previous experience or formal degree to start. So, let’s dive into “How to Become a Copywriter” in 6 months and earn a 6-figure guaranteed.

If you have ever aspired to adopt a career that could give you ample opportunity to practice your writing talent and earn a decent income sidewise, copywriting is the right choice for you.

Copywriting is a highly lucrative career. Don’t worry if you don’t hold a literature degree or never flex your writing muscles when writing a book. Neither is the condition to start and thrive in a highly adaptive copywriting career.

Copywriting has been a coveted field for quite a long time. It’s mainly misunderstood among the masses. Many people confuse it with copyrights, which seems quite funny to me. Only the business owners or stakeholders would know the importance of a compelling sales copy and, hence, a copywriter.

However, the plus point of adopting a copywriting career is that you don’t need a formal degree or specific qualification to start. Some of the top-paid copywriters in the world are college drop-outs and never took a single writing class.

A copywriting career is not a career to pursue if you want a status boost or a feeling of empowerment. Copywriting may not be popular and highly sought after by youngsters, but it is highly lucrative and rewarding. 

In their circle of influence, copywriters can impact the lives of businesses tremendously. 

So, coming towards the main point, if you have writing capability and a bit of marketing inclination, choosing to become a copywriter is the highly recommended option for you.

I’ll delve deeper into the topic “how to become a copywriter” and show you a roadmap that you can follow to enjoy a thriving copywriting career.

If you cringe at the word marketing, hate psychology, and don’t have an aptitude for writing, I suggest you stay away from this career choice. However, if any of these sounds familiar to you and gives you positive vibes, you should definitely give copywriting a try.

The 1st step in becoming a copywriter is to understand that you will not just learn a few tactics and apply them when needed and stay dormant afterward. 

Copywriting career demands constant learning and tackling business challenges while staying low-key.

What Actually is Copywriting?

In the marketing field, Copywriting is everything that involves persuasion and asking the reader to take some kind of action. That action necessarily doesn’t need to be a purchase call. It can be asking the reader to like your Facebook page, subscribe to your YouTube channel, follow you on Instagram, subscribe to your email newsletter, or ask them to get on a call with you. 

Your role as a copywriter is to persuade the reader to take that action without sounding salesy or rushing. Your approach should look natural, effortless, and convincing.

Ways to Learn Copywriting

Below are ways to learn copywriting, even if you don’t want to pay a penny. I have also mentioned the paid ways that I believe can fast forward your copywriting journey.

1. Follow Popular Copywriting Experts

Modeling is the key element in learning about anything. If you can model and replicate what experts are doing, you enhance the speed and results of your efforts. Learning from the best in the field can save you countless hours of trial and error. You will lose several hours trying to figure out the essence of any field by yourself. 

So what is the short course? Start following the experts in that field. It will remove the guesswork and let you replicate the success that the experts have gained after several failures and mistakes. If you don’t want to repeat the mistakes and yield quality results, learn from the best.

Now, you might be wondering whom you would follow to learn copywriting. Listed below are the world’s best copywriters:

  • David Ogilvy
  • Gary Halbert
  • Clayton Makepeace
  • Joseph Sugarman
  • Alan Sharpe
  • Pam Foster
  • Joanna Weibe
  • Rebbeca Matter
  • Steve Slaunwhite
  • Nick Usborne

You can follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or whatever social platform they present. Few of the copywriters are not alive now. You can read their worlds like swipe files and books.

2. Read Blogs on Copywriting

There are many blogs on copywriting that you can read to keep yourself updated about copywriting news and trends.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is the top influencer in the field of digital marketing. According to Forbes, he is among the top 10 internet marketers in the world. The United Nations has recognized him as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 35. 

Neil’s core strengths are content marketing and SEO. He not only writes about SEO and content marketing. Rather, you can see him everywhere on the internet when searching for anything related to digital marketing. 

He teaches practical, tactical, and ready-to-use insights regarding content and content marketing.

If you are an aspiring copywriter and want to learn persuasion skills in writing, Neil Patel’s blog is the place you should visit regularly.


Copyblogger is the most prestigious blog in the world. The owner, Brain Clarke, is a copywriter himself. He turned this blog into a money-making machine by the magic of words. It shows how powerful words can be if used correctly in front of the right audience at the right time. 

Copyblogger mainly teaches about web copywriting. If you want to sharpen your web copywriting skills, waste no time becoming a regular reader of this awesome blog.


The most influential blog after Copyblogger is Copyhackers. It was founded by Joanna Weibe in 2011. Since then, Copyhacker has grown in popularity and influence. It teaches conversion copywriting through its value-packed courses, ebooks, and blog. You can find immense value on its blog without any cost. 

Neil Patel, one of the top 10 internet marketers in the world, has been a student of one of its courses. It proves the quality of the material taught by Copyhackers. 


AWAI is an American-based training company that has been training copywriters since 1997. Business owners and related industry professionals trust AWAI for their quality courses. Senior copywriters like Steve Slaunwhite regularly contribute to the AWAI blog. 

If you are just starting in the copywriting field, you may find these free resources by AWAI helpful in successfully launching your career.

Copywriting Course

The main aim of the Copywriting Course is to teach copywriting skills at every stage of the funnel. It doesn’t focus on just one aspect of copywriting. Conversion through simplicity is the motto of the founder of the Copywriting Course, Neville Medhora. 

If you want to learn the fundamentals of copywriting and practice writing for every stage of the buying funnel, put the Copywriting Course blog on your priority list. By joining a Copywriting Course, you learn not only writing skills but marketing tactics, too.

Honey Copy

The Honey Copy is the trendsetter in teaching traditional copywriting in a new way. Honey Copy focuses on developing long-term relationships with the reader, using puns, poetic style, and creative content.

If you like a creative and less salesy approach to writing for businesses, you should read the Honey Copy blog.

CXL Blog

CXL is the company that has the distinction of getting the world’s top digital marketing practitioners onboard to teach their craft. They are specialized in conversion optimization and know their skill deeply. Reading the CXL blog regularly can positively impact your career if you want to read about conversion copywriting. 

3. Read Books on Copywriting

Nothing can benefit you more than the books written on a topic you want to master. Books touch on a topic on a deeper level and provide authoritative and well-researched content. 

If you are serious about taking your copywriting understanding to a new level, mentioned below are the best books on the topic:

  • Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy
  • The Adweek Copywriting Handbook by Joseph Sugarman
  • Scientific Advertising by Claude C. Hopkins
  • Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz
  • The Copywriter’s Handbook by Robert W.Bly
  • The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert
  • Everybody Writes by Ann Handley
  • Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman
  • Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards
  • Made to Stick by Chip Heath
  • Influence by Robert Cialdini
  • The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan S.Kennedy

4. Subscribe to Copywriting Channels on YouTube.

I found the following Youtubers doing an appreciable job teaching about copywriting:

You can subscribe to their channels.

I have collected the links for you. Just click the links given above and subscribe to their channels.

5. Start Writing on Medium and

As a beginner in copywriting, it would be unjustified advice for you if I asked you to start your website. Rather than purchasing hosting for your website, I strongly recommend starting with platforms like Medium or

It will cost you nothing to start writing on both platforms. You can tap into the massive readership of the Medium platform. Once you get enough experience here, you can start and monetize your website.

6. Start Your Own Hosted Website

Once you have gained enough experience, you can start your website. Buy the hosting and domain from a trusted hosting company so that you don’t run into issues later on. 4

Why do I recommend starting your website? There are a few reasons:

  • You own your website
  • You can manage and control your audience directly
  • It is your digital asset
  • You can sell your website later at a massive profit

I recommend an effective hosting company for your site to ensure your asset is in safe hands. My favorite hosting companies are Bluehost and Greengeeks

7. Enroll In a Relevant Copywriting Course

I am personally a raving fan of online courses. They provide you the flexibility to learn at your own pace and schedule. When it comes to copywriting, not many courses are available. However, those available are worth enrolling in. 

Some of the best copywriting courses in the world are:

  • Accelerated program for six-figure copywriting

Length: You can finish in six weeks or learn at your own pace

Specialty: Direct-response copywriting

Location: Online

Price: $495

  • Success Works copywriting course

Length: 3 months

Specialty: B2B and SEO copywriting


Price: $995

  • Kopywriting Kourse’s free copywriting course

Length: Self-paced

Price: $291 per quarter or $750 per year

  • Copyhackers copywriting courses

Length: Varied

Price: $9.97-$1997

  • They Copy Cure

Length: 10 months (Open once a year)

Specialty: Writing tips and prompts for various internet marketing concepts

Location: Online

Price: $1690

  • Honey Copy

Length: Can be completed in one day

Specialty: Creative writing to sell stuff

Location: Online

Price: $97

  • The Writers Bureau

Length: Self-paced

Specialty: Complete guidance from planning to publishing copy

Location: Online

Price: $447


Length: One day

Specialty: Website and email copywriting

Location: London

Price: $690

  • CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing)

Length: 2-day masterclass

Specialty: Advanced copywriting techniques

Location: London

Price: $1815

  • The Blackford Centre

Length: Flexible 

Specialty: Overall copywriting practice with a focus on starting a copywriting business and finding copywriting jobs

Location: Online

Price: Around $690

8. Create Your Freelance Copywriting Profile

How do you expect to get quality clients when you have an incomplete or low-quality profile? A freelance profile determines if the prospects consider you to hire or completely ignore you. 

Steps to Create Profile

Below are the steps you can take to create a complete profile that stands out among the millions of other profiles. 

Make sure to fill in the required information about yourself. Your name, qualification, payment details, and address. This is the substantial information that is compulsory to fill out. 

The following fields are important to fill out properly:

Name: You should keep your name real instead of using a nickname or made-up name. 

Title: You should keep the job title as descriptive. But keep one thing in mind. It should not be too generic or too specific. Having a specific name impacts the visibility of your profile.

Profile photo: Using an original profile photo instead of a random one increases the conversion rate significantly. 

Skills: Selecting the relevant skills is essential so the client knows what skills they are hiring you for.

Qualification: It is important to add your qualifications to the profile. Mention your latest qualification essentially.

Experience: Nothing can impress a client more than describing your experience regarding work. Mention your relevant experience so that clients know you can easily handle their projects.

Portfolio: The advanced freelance platforms offer a way to display your portfolio. Displaying your portfolio drastically enhances the chances of employment.

Tips for Profile Optimization

Here are some tips to make your profile stunning:

  • Use a clear and professionally-looking profile photo. It is preferable to use a headshot with a lit background.            
  • Use a compelling cover photo to attract potential clients.
  • Using a generic title like content writer and web developer won’t impress clients. Make your title a little descriptive and specific.
  • It is highly preferred to add links to an external portfolio.
  • You can use videos to impress your clients. You can also link to your website, which enhances your credibility in the eyes of the clients.      
  • Almost every freelance platform allows you to connect your social media accounts. Don’t forget to take advantage of this feature.
  • Mention your most relevant and strong skills first. 
  • If you are making a profile of content writing, don’t talk about the experience of working as a graphic designer. Only discuss the relevant work experience.
  •  Always describe how clients can benefit from your skills and experience. Use “you” more than you will use the term “we”.       
  • Try to be specific as compared to being generic. Specific details attract the clients more than vague and generic details.

Some Tactics

Some advanced-level tactics to create a mind-blowing profile that clients can’t ignore. 

  • Take skills tests on freelance platforms. Remember to prepare well before taking the test, as a bad score can negatively affect your profile. However, if you take tests and score well, it enhances your chances of getting hired.
  • Add a video in your profile summarizing your skills, experience, and services. A video is the best way of gaining a client’s attention. You can create stunning videos using free online tools like Canva, Animoto, Camtasia, or Openshot.
  • Your blog or website can dramatically increase your chances of employment. A website works as an authentic source of displaying your portfolio. 
  • You can promote your profile on social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. 
  • Use client’s reviews. You can get clients from Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp groups, etc. Don’t forget to ask your clients to leave reviews on your LinkedIn profile. You can use screenshots of these reviews on freelance platforms. Furthermore, freelance platforms offer reviews. After completion of the project, you can ask the client for a review.

9. Build Your Portfolio

If you are just starting and don’t have any experience, no need to worry. Every copywriter starts from the same place. If you are a total beginner, the best ways to build your portfolio are:

  • You should offer your services for free. No one wants to start free, but you must start somewhere to enter this lucrative field. Reach out to clients who have got poor websites. Any friend who owns an online business or knows others in the same field.
  • Create your fake project. Browse the top websites with amazing copywriting content. Notice how they have crafted their web pages, articles, and Facebook ads. Write the content matching their tone and style. You can show this fake project to potential clients and impress them.
  • If you are hesitant to practice copywriting independently, consider enrolling in an online copywriting course. Many courses will ask you to write as you learn, and a writing mentor will critique it. This will allow you to create your sample writing pieces relatively quickly and effectively.
  • Creating an expert portfolio website is the best way to showcase your portfolio. You can hire freelance web developers from freelance websites like Fiverr. 

10. Write Your Proposal

Pitching clients through email and going through a long chain of emails is time-consuming. We are not even sure if the client will hire us. A better way is to write a persuasive proposal that can easily win you clients.

A typical proposal includes the following elements:

  • Summary
  • Background
  • Requirements
  • Pricing
  • Terms and conditions

But on freelance platforms, you get limited space to convey your point across. So, writing concisely and effectively is a challenge.

I’ll describe the proposal format with respect to the freelancing platform.

  • The 1st step is to make the client realize that you understand his project. You should summarize the project’s requirements and talk about your approach to the project. 
  • The next step is to mention your qualifications and certifications. You can talk about practical experience and your skills. 
  • The 3rd step is to mention your project’s exact deliverables and scope. The deliverables include research work, rough draft, SEO optimized draft, and final draft. It may also include content strategy or just the content piece. All deliverables should be discussed with the client beforehand.
  • You should ask the client about your requirements to start the project. You may ask the client about the deadline, any specific requirements, information about the target audience, etc.
  • It is a good practice to mention the pricing of your services. It avoids issues later on. You can quote the estimated price. 

Final Thoughts:

Becoming a 6-figure copywriter needs time and consistency. If you follow the steps mentioned above, you will surely become a 6-figure copywriter in 6 months. Learn from the best books, YouTube channels, blogs, and copywriting courses. Practice writing fake projects or writing for clients free of cost. Work on your freelance profile and create a compelling proposal to win copywriting projects.

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