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How to become a T-shaped marketer in 2023

How to become a T-shaped marketer in 2023

T-shaped marketers are the future. Please don’t doubt me when I say this, as I have valid reasons to back up my claim. We know that digital marketing is an ever-evolving field. With Google constantly tweaking the algorithms to Facebook launching new features, it becomes a challenge for digital marketers to stay on top. 

But first, let’s understand who is a T-shaped marketer. In easy words, A T-shaped marketer is a jack of all trades and master of one. Yes, you read that right. Unlike generalists who are jack of all trades and masters of none, or specialists who have expertise in one sub-domain, T-shaped marketers imbibe the qualities of both sides. 

Generalists have a foundational knowledge of all digital marketing domains but don’t specialize in any one of them. They may be good strategists but bad at execution. On the other hand, specialists have an in-depth working knowledge of a single domain. 

Keeping in view the disruption caused by digital technology and the growing demand for digital marketers, it is high time to start learning Internet marketing as a T-shaped marketer.

Below are a few diagrams by tech organizations like Smart Insights, Buffer, and Digital Marketer.



The horizontal part of the T represents the basic knowledge across online marketing channels. The vertical part represents the depth of knowledge in single or two domains. For example, a content marketer is adept at creating valuable content and carrying out SEO strategies, and understanding how Copywriting and PPC work.

Origin of T-shaped marker

As digital channels started growing, more ways to reach the potential audience came into existence. Now, businesses can reach customers via paid ads, or social media strategies. They incorporated various digital media channels. This led to the rise of T-shaped marketer skills. Besides website and search engine optimization tactics, marketers had to explore new social media channels.

T-shaped marketing skills application in real-world

Whether you are part of a large organization or a startup, T-shaped marketing skills can benefit you both ways. In enterprise culture, you will probably carry out tasks using a single field, such as SEO or Google ads. In a startup, you will be a team within yourself. Here the broad knowledge of digital channels will benefit you a lot. Furthermore, suppose you start your own business. In that case, T-shaped marketer skills will make you an expert which leads to a better return on investment.

Scope of T-shaped marketer

In this fast-paced world, organizations need digital marketers who can plan a market strategy and execute it. A team of T-shaped marketers working together will compound the results compared to generalists and specialists. T-shaped marketers can join any team and bring more value to the table. This makes them quite adaptable and flexible.

Steps to Become a T-shaped Marketer

  • Read books and industry blogs. 

Books are a fantastic source of credible knowledge. If you want to gain in-depth knowledge of a discipline, read books written by industry veterans. As reading involves more cognitive exercise, you will find yourself more confident.

  • Learn online by enrolling in courses

The bad news is that only book reading cannot make you a digital marketer. You will need to learn practicals as well. Enroll in online courses, training, and certifications. Many of the courses include a step-by-step tutorial on practically carrying out tasks. 

  • Use tools.

Get your hands dirty using digital marketing tools. The most popular tools used by digital marketers are Google Analytics, Google tag manager, and Google search console. Apart from these standard tools, Ahref and Semrush are also widely used by online marketers. Ahref has a strong Youtube presence to learn valuable SEO skills free of cost.

  • Join agency

To gain practical exposure, you should look at job or internship opportunities. The best way is to join a digital agency. Working in an digital marketing agency will enable you to tackle different clients’ projects resulting in a diverse skill set. You can also join a startup, but it will demand more out of you due to the limited resources at your disposal. 

  • Start your own business.

Another way is to start your own online business. For this purpose, you will need a professional website and social media presence. You can try internet marketing tactics to grow your own business. 

Eventually, you will be familiar with the different flavours of digital marketing. This will help you choose a single domain to master. Of course, if you are willing to put in the effort, you can specialize in more than one domain. For example, a content marketer can also specialize in advanced-level SEO skills for the company’s organic growth.

Final thoughts

The digital marketing field is exciting and full of opportunities. But, it can be intimidating and overwhelming as well. However, the perks of joining this field outweigh the downsides. Join this field to take your career to the next level.

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