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super affiliate system review

Super Affiliate System 2.0 Course Review

Super Affiliate System 2.0 Course

John Crestani is one of those affiliate marketing experts who have achieved their place through sheer hard work and dedication. We can easily include him in the list of most influential Affiliate marketing millionaires. He has created many affiliate marketing courses online and eBooks to help beginners. Super Affiliate System 2.0 is one of those courses which provide a focused approach to affiliate marketing business owners. In this Super Affiliate System review, we’ll discuss about his course which can be easily categorized as the best affiliate marketing training course online. 

John Crestani effectively teaches his readers how to get success in the field of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers can easily achieve their money making goals by following his step by step process. 

Following is a simple breakdown of the 11 modules of the affiliate marketing course designed by John Crestani  

  1. Online Business Blueprint

John introduces us with basic concept of affiliate marketing. He has beautifully explained affiliate marketing concepts important for the success of an online business.

  1. Introduction to Internet Jetset

John Crestani provides an insight into basic principles and techniques to build a successful E-commerce based business. He provides good tips to defeat shiny object syndrome, and he explains why people fail to overcome their limiting beliefs. He explains all affiliate marketing business-related things in a very easy way.  

  1. Choosing niche

 John Crestani shares his journey to success in this module. In addition to that, he also teaches his audience various tips to choose a profitable niche for its affiliate marketing business. He makes this process easy by giving examples of various profitable niches. Moreover, his recommendations for choosing the most appropriate affiliate program can be very beneficial for affiliate marketing business starters. 

  1. Google traffic and SEO practices

This module shows how affiliate marketers can get free Google traffic by applying effective SEO practices and through using proper use of keywords. John provides valuable insights and tips about high-level keyword tricks which can bear good fruits. 

  1. YouTube Account Setup 

John Crestani provides complete information about the process to get traffic from YouTube. John Crestani teaches his audience to create an eye-catching thumbnail, to write effective video descriptions and to upload a video. Moreover, he also guides his audience about the process to make videos relevant to get thousand of views. 

  1. Facebook advertising platform

Facebook has evolved into the most effective advertising platforms in the last decade. John Crestani thinks affiliate marketing business can easily get free quality traffic through properly utilizing the facility of Facebook ads. In addition to that, he also believes that intelligent businesses always try to build their reputation and product website through Facebook ads. 

  1. Website Setup

This module contains substantial information on building a website. This module is delivered by Ashley B. Coombe and contains a lot of information on building a website. It has 15 videos, which provide a step-by-step guide to create your own Word Press site. Ashley explains everything you need to know about blogging for your online business.

  1. Copywriting basics

Jon Crestani teaches us various copywriting basics and techniques in this module. These techniques are nothing less than secrets to make your affiliate marketing business into an influential and lucrative. This can be a big game changer for any affiliate business.

  1. Launch jacking tips and tricks 

This module provides very useful tricks and tips to take advantage of an affiliate selling technique called launch jacking. Launch jacking is an innovative method to promote your products through products which are not yet released. Affiliate marketing business gets commissions through sales after the release of the product. 

  1. Authority review sites

Donnic Gamble reviews the most profitable affiliate programs for the audience. Moreover, he also guides affiliate marketing business owners to choose the most appropriate affiliate websites according to their niches. In addition, he also teaches tricks to maximize the affiliate revenue in less possible time.  

  1. Facebook ads for affiliate marketers

This module teaches us various techniques and tricks to get maximum traffic from Facebook ads by spending the minimum possible budget. Affiliate marketers also learn tricks to convert quality Facebook traffic into sales.


In this Super Affiliate System review, we discussed at length about the course material, its benefits and pros and cons. John Crestani has provided us with very effective techniques of earning money through  his top affiliate marketing course. Super Affiliate System 2.0  is best affiliate marketing course as it shows us  opportunities to get rich with affiliate marketing.

However, we should keep in mind that it does not guarantee us success as we have to work hard to achieve some success. Moreover, it can be difficult to understand for beginners who dont have enough experience in the affiliate marketing business. Since its techniques are very complicated and complex. In the end, it can be said that it is an excellent purchase with this price as it contains very innovative and effective affiliate marketing tips and tricks.  

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