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So, it is 2019, and as a remote team, you are probably wondering what the right stuff to do to get your team to be more coordinated and deliver projects on time despite the limitation of distance is. It is no news that for such nature of work, team members are plagued with loads of issues leading to the success pr failure of the said project.

Some of these problems include having a place on a platform that can allow them work together as a group smoothly, a better way to share files and notes, staying blind while the other team member handles his or her part of the job, laborious efforts of sending updates back and forth until the job is finished. The answer to all these challenges lies in this article.  These tools are the best project management tools out there to help you get the job done mostly in real-time. Hence, deleting all these setbacks and placing you on the track of success in record time.


  1. Asana

Asana is the best free project management tool for collaboration and work management. Teams who use this software can chat and edit tasks on the fly. It allows creating projects with a click, works are assigned to various members of the team, and you can specify deadlines with ease. The app would definitely keep you moving according to deadline and houses other needful tools and accessories like a calendar, reporting tools and attachments to mention a few. It also comes with mobile apps to ensure that stuff are really done anywhere and everywhere.


  1. Trello

As a remote team are you looking for a lightweight, simple, but very effective visual planning and collaboration tool? Think Trello. Using a Kanban management and organization style of board operation, this software provides users and admin with all the crucial functions needed to make any project a success. With this, you can quickly and smoothly define workflows, create schedules, task, or projects; add attachments or comments, assign a task to members, create cards and boards among a lot more. For its free version, it gives most remote teams all they need that the platform offers to never miss a deadline or waste time looking for files regarding a project.


  1. TeamGantt

Are you seeking the best tool to manage your remote team with a Gantt Chart system? Then TeamGantt leaves to its name. Instead of going through the long and tiring process of sending adjusted or updated MS Projects via mails, this web-based software allows you to collaborate with your client, the rest of your team, and any other stakeholder on the fly. You get to create project schedules and manage these projects visually using the Gantt system.


  1. Paymo

Paymo runs uniquely as an automated and accommodating platform that allows remote teams to not only deliver their projects on time but also within the budget and tenants of their agreement. The software has a good tracking and reporting feature, mobile software option, needed time tracking tools, an easy to find feature for stuff concerning the project, an update and a reminder of your to-do list, and the ability to add, create, edit, tasks, projects, and clients on the go.


  1. ClickUp

If you are looking for the best all in one task management software with ease and other crucial and helpful features, then you need to think about ClickUp. Aside from providing its users with many task management features to ensure they keep to a deadline and have necessary info at their fingertips, the tool also provides you with goals, calendar, scheduling, notes, reminders, Inbox, and a fully customizable option to ensure you get what you need from it. Now here is the impressive part of this, if your remote team has various branches like writers and designers, you all have the chance to work together in the same platform with ease and real-time workflow.


  1. Airtable

As a remote team of professional players, at one point you will need the benefits of a spreadsheet. Airtable understands this but brings a lot more. With its simple interface, and ease of work, the software present users with a table spreadsheet that has the power and features of a database underneath. The platform also provides mobile features for convenience and working on the go. With this software, you can easily keep track of anything in tabular form, tap into the attributes of its database, use an attachment, communicate and update a file on the go with the team, plan vacations, and many other customizable templates.


  1. Wrike

Okay, so you have got a large team, and you are not sure of the right project management tool to go for. Wrike had this very need in mind when it launched. This software gives remote teams of 20 members and above an enterprise level of scalability and security. You can use this tool for any kind of remote team project you are handling. The software holds numerous crucial features for the success of any team including calendars, Gantt charts, project creation, and structuring, workload view, resource management, customizable dashboard, task creation, auto assigning based on tasks status, and a truckload of more. With this software it doesn’t matter if you are in the creative department or in the sales and marketing if you need a big one for the team, Wrike has just what you need.



  1. Teamwork Projects

Now for businesses with remote teams that are after a cloud-based platform for the best security of data, Teamwork management tool doesn’t offer this alone but with an extensive list of functionalities that ensure that any business or team can handle different operations of projects. With this software, you can do basic tasks like send messages on the go, upload files with ease, create a task list, track time for projects, and then carry out more advanced stuff like manage the team objectives, and create other business processes.


  1. Avaza

As a remote team, you are not only after project management. In fact, as part of the freelance world, there comes a time when you must send out quotes for the work and when you must send out invoices. Avaza understands this and knows the best way to offer. With this software, remote teams can now schedule their resources, manage and track their time, handle their projects, issue out invoices and quotes to clients, among other stuff. This platform can accommodate any team size and comes in a simple and intuitive interface to ensure working is on the fly.



  1. MeisterTask

Are you after flexibility at its finest? Then check out this tool for your remote team. The software offers the best task management customizable features. Whatever projects you are handling you can adjust the project boards to meet the workflow. The platform can accommodate the kanban system, marking projects, sprints and more.


Starting from 2018 project management tools rose to fame and continued to prove themselves useful. This 2019, with the world in search of more knowledge and tech advancing over time, project management tools would play a crucial role to help the mind and the flow of work and productivity in all fields. With the tools mentioned above, remote teams can now enjoy handling tasks of all kind of complexity on real-time, almost effortlessly, and together. Hence, breaching the distance that reality might impose.





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