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GetResponse: Pricing, Competitors, Features, Pros, and Cons

Meta: GetResponse is a type of webinar software platform and it’s an email marketing software that is used to send out email newsletters, campaigns, etc.

Everybody knows that Webinar is a vital strategy for B2B businesses. Moreover, many consumer brands are also turning to webinars because of their B2C marketing works. The webinar gives a better chance for users to build a more personal relationship with their audience. In the meantime, it helps to delve deeper into topics that concern the audience and also build a brand-like place where people can come to get important information. Many software platforms exist in the webinar but this platform is one of the best.


GetResponse is an email marketing application where you allow lots of opportunities:

  • It allows you to create and track email campaigns.
  • To create convertible landing pages.
  • It allows you to create marketing automation which enables you to target the real and individual traffic with relevant and valuable information.
  • To create newsletters that can be sent to the mailing list of subscribers.
  • By the use of “autoresponders”, you can automate your emails to the subscribers.
  • It allows you to analyze the statistics that are related to your email marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, for email marketing, this platform also provides the hosting of webinars, automated funnels, and landing pages.

Since 1998, this platform has done 350000 individuals and businesses that use the platform for their email marketing.

GetResponse has won many awards, as well as being featured in CNN, Forbes, Huffington Post, and other media outlets.

Pricing criteria for GetResponse:

This platform offers different types of premium plans. Four plans are offered to you and their names are Basic, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise. Meanwhile, it’s a very valuable offer for a free plan. You can start your free trial for 30 days. You can also create an email list of up to 250 subscribers for your email marketing.

When you enter into paid plans, your prize will increase based on the size of your list. It’s a month-to-month process of plans available on this platform. In addition to paid plans, it’s a downside to signing up for annual plans because GetResponse doesn’t provide a refund for canceled accounts.

The four plans of GetResponse are available in:

  1. Basic: The basic level starts at $15 per month and by using this to send an unlimited number of emails to 1000 plus subscribers.
  2. Plus: The Plus level starts at $45 per month and by using this to get 1000 plus subscribers.
  3. Professional: The professional level starts at $99 per month and by using this to get 1000 plus subscribers.
  4. Enterprise: The last and high-level Enterprise starts at $1199 per month and by using this level to get lists exceeding 100000.

If you want more subscribers to your list, then the cost will increase. Respectively, you can also expect to pay $450, $499, or $580 per month to create a list of 100000 subscribers in it on these four premium plans.

Key differences between GetResponse plans

All four plans of GetResponse cover the email marketing basics which are you might expect and the features are:

  • It can import, grow and create a mailing list
  • For your e-commerce newsletters, it’s a selection of themes are applied
  • The functionality of the autoresponder
  • Design of responsive email
  • split testing
  • in-depth reporting
  • RSS or blog to functionality email
  • comprehensive segmentation choices
  • tools for social sharing

GetResponse Competitors:

There are a lot of competitors of GetResponse as the webinar software platform. But we discuss the three competitors that have higher rates then this platform. The three competitors that have high rates are Aweber, Mailchimp, and Campaign Monitor.

In this platform, you can host a database with 1000 plus email addresses at only $15 per month. But as compared to others like Aweber, and campaign monitor, they are charged $29 per month for the same work.

Comparison of the rates of GetResponse with Aweber, Mailchimp, and Campaign Monitor:

  • $4 per month inexpensive than Aweber
  • $10 per month inexpensive than Mailchimp
  • $24 per month inexpensive than Campaign Monitor

Useful Features GetResponse:

In the comparison of GetResponse with other email marketing tools, the set of its features is one of the most comprehensive available.

This platform not only provides you with all the key stuff, but you would also expect more things. You expect from GetResponse the list hosting, templates, autoresponders, analytics, and more.

There are so many features of this platform available but the most commonly used features are shown as follows:

  • Autoresponders
  • Marketing automation
  • A/B Split testing
  • E-newsletter templates of GetResponse
  • Analytics
  • Web fonts of GetResponse
  • Design of responsive emails
  • Contact Management
  • RSS to Email
  • Easy to Use
  • Email creation and templates


Autoresponders are e-newsletters that are used for sending to your subscribers at intervals. If you want to set them up so that when somebody signs up to your list of mailing they receive a message. They receive a message welcome from your own business. And the message looks like “later a week they could receive a discount offer for your services. So, later on, in the three weeks they receive a message to follow you on social media.

The functionality of autoresponders is a key selling point that provides the most comprehensive autoresponders functionality available.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is recently the newly launched version of this platform for its new functionality of autoresponders. It allows you to create workflows of automation used by drag-and-drop builders. GetResponse instructs you to set up an automation flowchart for your email marketing strategy. In the meantime, what happens when a user clicks a particular offer on a certain link, etc.?

What is traditionally on offer from autoresponders because the functionality goes considerably beyond. Moreover, it allows you to build a user journey that can be customized to the 9th degree.

A/B Split testing

To run a set of tests you can use the GetResponse which will help you to send the best effective messages to the contacts. Let you try out different newsletters, subject line variants, email content, time of sending, and so many other factors by using through A/B split tests.

E-newsletter templates of GetResponse

The regard to templates is a situation that occurs in GetResponse a bit in flux. Because this platform launched its new version of the email creator rolled out, There are two series of templates available. The one is for the old email builder and the other one is for the new ‘BETA” version.

Currently, you can use the brand new templates that send a part of an email autoresponders cycle. However, you cannot use them as part of the marketing automation campaign of marketing. GetResponse said that this situation will be resolved in some days when the email builder moves fully out of the BETA phase.


A good range of analytics and reporting options is offered by Getrseponse. However, you may get all the basics of course like open rate, click-through, unsubscribe rates, and more. In addition to that, the reporting features which nifty that are worth a mention.

One-click segmentation is the option to identify those people who didn’t engage with your sending e-newsletter. Moreover, you also put them in a segment of subscribers. And the subscribers that you can. So, the email again of e-newsletter with a unique version.

Web fonts of GetResponse

The web fonts used in GetResponse are only usual web-safe fonts. It means Arial, Times New Roman, Georgia, Trebuchet, etc. These fonts can be used in the old templates of this platform. This template leads more consistently across email programs with email displays. But it can result in looks like boring than they otherwise could in the e-newsletter.

Designs of responsive emails

The new version and the old version of this platform are responsive, meaning they adjust themselves automatically. They adjust them automatically to suit which is e-newsletter viewed on mobile, tablet, laptop, computer, etc. However, the older templates are a little bit glitch on the mobile application.

Contact Management

Having a reliable list of functions of management shows a good email marketing platform. In the meantime, GetResponse understands it and fixes it. That’s why their program’s design has plenty of features that help marketers manage the list of their subscribers.

RSS to Email

The feature of RSS to email sends your messages to your blog traffic automatically every time you post a new article. This feature doesn’t only increase the readership because It can boost engagement and conversations.

Easy to Use

GetResponse form builder follows a simple term of WYSIWYG. It means what you see is what you get and their interface with drag and drop elements. Therefore, it’s a very useful tool for building sign-up forms for social media markets and websites. When the new contacts subscribe to your email list then automatically autoresponder sends opt-in messages.

Email creation and templates

More than 500 templates come on this platform email builder. However, you can use the editor to build compatible and highly visual emails with both mobile and desktop responsive devices. For further customization, you can also use the HTML code for designing the forms. The features of photo editing are not advanced, but they enable you to experiment with a drag-and-drop toolbar.


Hosting the webinars on the platform is recently introduced by GetResponse. The webinars are generally used as a lead generation tactic, it is the idea of having the email database and webinar tool under the same roof. The price of this tool is very competitive in comparison to established webinar solutions.

Pros of GetResponse:

  • If you are happy with using the basic plan of this platform, then it’s cheaper than the other of its competitor.
  • When you pay upfront for the whole one or two years of products or services is very generous because you receive discounts.
  • GetResponse gives you good marketing automation options.
  • The webinar functionality is a genuine USP and I have not come across this functionality.
  • The feature of the conversion funnel is useful for merchants who want to manage all facets of their sales funnel.
  • It has comprehensive reporting features.
  • For data segmentation, it offers a good approach and it’s more flexible.
  • On all plans custom, DKIM is provided.
  • It provides a variety of languages.
  • Also, you can try all the features of this platform for 30 days for totally free.

Cons of GetResponse:

  • The new email builder is buggy and clunky
  • For landing pages the drag and drop interface is fiddly and needs more improvement.
  • GetResponse’s landing page feature allows you to use the Facebook Pixel, but not in a GDPR-compliant way.
  • E-newsletters built into this platform using the old editor are not currently displaying as they should in the Gmail mobile application.
  • The new version of the email creator doesn’t yet allow you to design that emails can be used in automated workflows.
  • The pop-up or slide-in capture forms provided are not mobile responsive.
  • At login, there is no two-factor authentication.
  • No phone support is provided.


GetResponse represents the most inexpensive way to host and build comGDPR-compliantmunication with an email marketing platform and its price is very low in the marketplace. This platform is a very interesting service of its kind because it provides email marketing, marketing automation, landing pages, sales funnel, e-commerce, and webinar are all too good.

However, some improvements are needed to make this app the 100% best email marketing platform. I would like to see responsive services with full control over appearing on mobile. Moreover, I would also like to see a GDPR-compliant mechanism for outstanding landing pages. Finally, facilitating both the two factors’ authentications. These authentications are done during the login and should be a key priority for a company.

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