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Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates. He was then a college dropout. In 1981 Microsoft was a big success thanks to the introduction of MS-DOS. In 1983, this led to the creation of a new operating system called Windows. Microsoft has never looked back since. Microsoft is the dominant player in the computer industry. Microsoft is used on almost 95% of computers in the world.


EdX Harvard has been one of the most successful Elearning sites launched in this era. Edx, a Microsoft eLearning website, offers a wide range of online courses. It is an MOOC (massive online course) provider. EdX was founded in 2012 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. EdX and Microsoft partnered in 2015. Edx has reached almost 22.24 million learners since its launch. Audit versions of EdX courses can be accessed for free. The Microsoft Elearning website is ranked fourth in terms of traffic among the top Elearning sites.


EdX focuses on a different aspect of MOOC. It is taking field learning and technologies that are developing enlarging, and applying them into small ones to create a blended model of education to reinvent and reimagine what is done in a classroom. Education hasn’t changed in the past 500 years everything else has changed from healthcare to transportation. Everything is different but education has not changed and is also a real issue regarding access. According to edX, it can transform education in terms of quality, scale, and accessibility to technology. The education system has changed dramatically from ox-cards to planes. Online exercises and videos are the future of education. edX has adapted these technologies to education. They have moved to online grading, peer interaction, and discussion boards. MOOCs can be used to improve access to education.

The first course offered by edX, an MIT electronic course, can explain this. This course is attended by 155000 students in 162 different countries. This is a large number. It is larger than the number of MIT alumni in its 150-year history. 7200 students completed the core course. A teacher who teaches two semesters would take 40 years to reach this number of students.


EdX and Courser are two of the biggest competitors in MOOCs. Both platforms have free audit versions. Coursera focuses primarily on professional courses, such as business courses and computer courses. EdX courses focus on the humanities and sciences. EdX offers courses from some of the most prestigious universities, while Courser only has a handful of internationally recognized universities. The eLearning site certificates are widely accepted on the job market. Compared to EdX, course certifications are a little cheaper in some courses.


EdX is leading the way in online learning. Some of the most prestigious universities around offer EdX courses. Microsoft eLearning offers courses in 140 schools, universities, and other institutions. EdX offers a variety of courses at the university level. Students have a wide range of options. The eLearning site also offers some free courses. This online course has 25 million students worldwide who are learning nearly 2500 courses. EdX offers weekly learning sequences. EdX Wee’s key Learning Sequence consists of short videos with interactive learning exercises. The videos can be used to practice concepts immediately. The course also contains tutorial videos and an online discussion forum, where students can ask questions about the course. EdX’s degree and program offerings include:

  • Microbachelors program
  • Micromasters program
  • Professional certificate
  • Online master’s degree
  • Online Freshmen Academy
  • Xseries

In 2018 EdX introduced 9 Master’s Degrees that were offered by universities like Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of California San Diego. Online master’s degree programs are available. In 2020 Edx launched two micro bachelors programs. These offer undergraduate-level courses.

While the courses Edx offers are from every field of life. They have covered every subject possible. The popular subjects that have been learned at the eLearning site are

  • Computer science
  • Language
  • Engineering
  • Data sciences
  • Humanities
  • Business and management


EdX is led by CEO Anant Aggarwal. EdX is a platform that has been developed as open-source software and that can be freely used by institutions of higher education that wish to make such offers. EdX partnered with Arizona State University in 2015 to launch Global Freshmen Academy. EdX and Microsoft partnered in 2018 to offer subsidized online classes and guarantee job interviews.


In 2013 many countries and private entities announced the adoption of the edX open platform to launch new initiatives. China has formed an online initiative from ten

Chinese universities are called XeutangX. The French Ministry of Education supervised 120 higher education institutions to offer online courses across the country. Adraak, the first MMOC Portal for the Arab World was created by the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development. The International Monetary Fund uses the edX platform to take online economics and financial courses.


EdX is one of the most popular e-learning websites in the world. Microsoft eLearning is highly recommended by users and trusted around the world. EdX is changing the way we learn. Students who have used EdX are satisfied with the quality of the education and learning process. Students are hired based on edX certificates.

The breakpoint of EdX is that it provides free-of-cost certificates and the ones that cost are available at credit but, the decision of offering the credit depends on the school or university. EdX has made education possible and affordable for those who cannot access it.


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