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SEMrush 2021 Updates: What’s New in the Solid Marketing Tool?

Google only loves your work if everyone else does it.

But, creating engaging content, strong backlinking, and keeping an eye on trends can be overwhelming, so you need all the help you can get. This is where SEO and Online Visibility Suites come into play.

SEMrush is one of the most regarded tools in online marketing, and it recently enjoyed some major improvements. Following, we will give you a brief introduction to these updates, and explain how they can help your online growth:

Overview of New Updates

The online visibility management suite comprises 40 tools now to cover every facet of online marketing. With this consistent polishing, SEMrush is now a must-have for any serious marketer. Sure, it has some stiff competition from MOZ, HubSpot, Hootsuite, and others. However, SEMrush managed to stand out throughout these years!

Yes, it managed to do so by maintaining the largest keyword database with over 20 billion keywords, an impression database of 825 million domains with 142 geodatabases. What’s more impressive is this company continuously tries to improve itself to offer its customers the most bang for their buck even after achieving more than 10 times growth in their database.

Put simply, we can conclude SEMrush stands out from its competition for being a customer-oriented company. Speaking of continuous improvements, following we will give you a quick recap of the most important SEMrush 2021 Updates!

A Refreshed Look!

Among several key updates, we couldn’t help but notice the refreshed visual identity. The new logo encapsulates SEMrush’s evolution from a comprehensive SEO Suite to a Streamlined Visibility Management Platform.

The design approach is a simple hand-drawn graph paper (resembling “Hemi Head Font) that features a few elegant arc corners around the “m” with a combination of uppercase (H) and lowercase (E and R) letters.

This new logo reimagines and streamlines core fireball and symbolize it as a creative spark that ignites the marketing engine. The logo accompanies additional design elements including the bespoke typeface and a vibrant color palette that reflects the company’s energetic, and innovative approach.

Competitive Analysis

The Competitive Research Toolkit keeps a close eye on market trends and gives you real insights into your competitor’s traffic, SEO, Advertisement, Content, and overall strategy. This granular data provides you with everything you need to steer your marketing decisions in the right direction and craft unbeatable content/strategy.

We would highlight two exceptional tools that come with a competitive analysis package, Traffic Analytics, and Market Explorer.

Traffic Analytics offers you an overview of your site’s (or any site’s) performance with a comprehensive report covering its leading traffic source, insights for traffic acquisition and tactics, as well as key user engagement signals.

With 2021 updates, we expect improvements to the traffic estimation algorithm, making it even more accurate. This way, you will be able to analyze the competition’s sub-domains if you need insight into the specific sections of their website. Still, it’s not the big catch.

Instead, that will be the Audience Insights, its more of a new report that will show you the overlap between you and another domain, providing you valuable data so you can:

  • Understand your audience’s potential
  • Learn whether you choose the right rival for deep analysis
  • Make a well-informed decision based on accurate and deep data, to help make a vital impact on both your marketing tactics and partnering with other brands

The latter, Market Explorer Tool gives you an in-depth overview of your specified market, helping you accurately pin down any emerging trends in the respective industry, market benchmarks, as well as audience traits. Doing so also gives you an idea about the key players in the market and their respective shares.

With the recent geo expansion, this tool will now expand over 190 regions and countries. Market Explorer tool is an intuitive and user-friendly tool that effectively helps to gather market intelligence. Another additional feature, Growth Quadrant gets you up close with leading players in the industry (based on their tactics, niche, and authority), and helps you tweak your strategy by reflecting on their proven successes.

A bonus mention, the Benchmarking Report now enables you to choose up to 5 competitors so you can compare traffic counts, sources, and important audience traits.

SEO Toolkit

With over 15 SEO tools embedded into this kit, you will get all the coverage you need including backlink management, rank monitoring, and site audit with On and Off-Page SEO. Not to forget, SEMrush has the largest keyword base with over 20 billion keywords.

Some notable improvements were given to Domain Overview, with better accuracy for search traffic numbers, and position trends, along with both backlink and keyword profiles.

Also, you won’t be limited by domain-level analysis anymore, thanks to a subdomain, subfolder, and URL-level analysis, especially if you want to check a specific section of your competitor’s site. Also, you are now able to analyze 5 competitors with a new compare mode, which will assist you to spot patterns across the competitor site’s performance and marketing strategies.

To assess any keyword’s potential, make use of the global volume metric, including an estimate of its monthly search volume for all regions within the database. This report gives you an in-depth analysis of SERP, showing the top 100 research for a given keyword. The additional SERP features and Questions also offer more optimization ideas.

With these features, you can crossmatch keyword profiles against competitors, not the whole domain but also by subfolders and URLs. Apart from that, tolls now gather the search volume of each keyword and showcase any missed opportunities.

Backlink Audit keeps a close eye on active, broken, lost, and new backlinks. You can get an even more accurate overview when you pair it with Google Analytics. It’s very effective for a large website, as you get insights about your best-performing pages.

Social Media Toolkit

Not a man attractive, but SEMrush did manage to create an effective suite for social media platforms (across the board). Also, there will be major improvements to some already great tools like social media trackers and social media posters, they will automate your schedule routine while helping you track the competitor activities along with their performance across different platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest.  2021 Updates will also oversee some major improvements to 2 tools added in 2020, Social Media Analytics and Social Media Ads Tool.

Content Marketing and Advertising

The new update will see both major and minor tweaks to every tool and product, Content Marketing and Advertisement included. Last year, they enjoyed some minor improvements. This won’t be the case now as the Content Marketing platform will oversee major improvements in its SEO algorithm, thus improving its already impressive efficacy several-fold.

With these improvements at hand, you can find trendy ideas for content, questions, and headlines to ultimately create algorithm-friendly content. These tools also let you keep an eye on your content’s performance and conduct a thorough audit of your content assets.

Plans and Pricing with Add-ons

SEMrush offers 5 distinct plans. Apart from the Pro, Guru, and Business, you get two additional options including a Free account and a Custom Enterprise Account. Depending on your needs, and subscription, you pay $119.95/month for Pro, $229.95/month for Guru, and $449.95/month for Business. However, you might get some exciting discounts if you get an annual subscription.


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