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Clickfunnels for Coaches- Get more coaching clients

Clickfunnels for Coaches- Get more coaching clients

Are you struggling to get coaching clients? Do you aspire to expand your business and hit the revenue target you have desired for so long? If you answer yes, I will tell you the fastest and most effective way to scale your coaching business. Moreover, Clickfunnels for coaches is the go-to solution for super fast results.

However, if you do not like the idea of getting rich quickly and making millions from zero investment, there are alternative approaches to consider.

You can follow this method for getting coaching clients as quickly as possible and with as much effort as you put in, but it is not an overnight success scheme. 

Furthermore, you must invest a little in marketing to promote your services to the right clients at the right moment.

Having the right skills and experience cannot guarantee success, but promoting your skills correctly is the key to achieving business success.

If you are a coach or consultant, all you need is fresh leads coming into your business to keep your business alive.

Having the right strategy cannot suffice until you have a proven process and system to implement the marketing strategy.

This is what we’ll learn in this post as to how to set the right system to attract, nurture, and close business leads.

It doesn’t matter If you are a

  • Life coach
  • Relationship coach
  • Business Coach
  • Health coach
  • Marketing coach
  • Sports coach
  • Writing coach

You can use proven strategies and automated systems to generate leads. Furthermore, to dominate your niche, you need sales funnel software. The best sales funnel software available in the market is Clickfunnels, which can be a game changer for your business.

Getting paying coaching clients is an upskill struggle, but it shouldn’t be this way, right?

A coaching sales funnel can ease the struggle of getting and closing business leads. 

With Clickfunnels sales funnel software, you can get paying coaching clients by making a highly converting funnel.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a lead’s journey to becoming a paying customer. To initiate this process, it all starts with a post, video, or ad campaign run by your side. Consequently, there are several important stages in a customer journey, including:

Attention: Prospect gets aware of his problem and gets to know about the solutions

Interest: Prospect gets interested in knowing more about the solutions and starts researching the competitors

Desire: Prospect is about to reach a decision and considers you

Action: The prospect is ready to buy from you

The process can be overwhelming if done manually. Connecting the dots and handling the technicalities is a cumbersome task.

A sales funnel software can automate the whole lead nurturing process. 

As a coach, you must focus on developing your expertise and serving your customers rather than managing the tiring sales process. The sales process software can help tremendously in streamlining the lead generation and client acquisition journey. A sales funnel lets you squeeze out more money from your customers.

But the real question is how Clickfunnels works for coaches and consultants.

Clickfunnels is not for everyone. It is targeted towards those people who are not good at programming and technical aspects of website creation. 

With Clickfunnels’s lead generation system, setting up a lead capture process is smooth.

The traditional approach for getting coaching clients:

The older way, on the other hand, involved spending huge bucks creating a website, promoting it with blogs, and waiting for leads to flow in. Additionally, you had to hire a virtual assistant to handle your content marketing efforts.

This was a time-consuming and expensive method indeed.

The latest method for getting coaching clients:

The new method involves using sales funnel software like Clickfunnels. In this approach, you spend on ads and enter the customer into the funnel, which effectively directs the customer toward your one signature service or product. This offering is specifically designed to solve a burning pain point of the customer.

Let’s compare both methods and their cost by doing a little maths.

For a professional approach, you’ll need to spend around $500 to $2000 and hire a content writer and SEO person or an ad manager (optional). Additionally, you would be spending $500 to $1000 per month on them.

This becomes an expense of 1000$ to 3000$. 

With Clickfunnels, you run ads for 500$ and get your customers into the sales process, where they are sold additional services and asked to contact you for coaching purposes, maximizing your revenue per customer. If you get 100 leads by running 500$ in ads, and they convert at even 3.0% for your service of 500$, you still make 1500$. A net profit of 1000$. 

Benefits of the sales funnel:

  • Guiding your prospect on a buyer journey step by step
  • This removes confusion, and the prospect doesn’t leave without action
  • Proper follow-up with the prospects in case he leaves in between 
  • Urging prospects to purchase by easing up their decision

All these benefits can be obtained by using an all-in-one solution. Furthermore, Clickfunnels provides this solution by offering features such as a shopping cart, page editor, email marketing and automation, and CRM. Consequently, you do not need separate software for all this functionality.

Clickfunnels strategy for coaches and consultants:

You should plan your marketing tactics to implement an effective strategy on Clickfunnels. 

Here are a couple of things you need to ensure an effective plan:

  • Setup up sales funnel landing pages and connect them
  • Bringing traffic to your sales funnel through ads (Google or Facebook)
  • Converting that traffic using effective marketing copy
  • Writing sales copy for videos and written letters, emails, ads, and landing pages. 
  • Incorporating upsell and downsell offers
  • Adding marketing tactics like urgency, scarcity, and social proof.

An effective sales copy is the second most important thing after a funnel setup. Funnel Scripts is an AI-powered copywriting software that can help you write compelling copy within a few minutes.

Now we’ll talk about the coaching sales funnel examples. The standard funnels used for selling high-ticket coaching services are:

Webinar funnel

The user lands on the landing page and then is prompted to sign up for the webinar. On signing up, he is taken to the order confirmation page. Then, he is taken to the live webinar. In webinars, users are hooked for longer before offering high-end services.

Application funnel

In this funnel, the user lands on the offer page and is taken to the application form. When he fills out the application form, he is taken to a calendar where he selects the time and date for the call. Then, the user is taken to the confirmation page.

This funnel is meant for high-ticket offers. You can’t expect the customers to spend 1000$ or 10000$ on your service by just seeing your offer page and reading the sales letter script. He will need to talk with your business representative or directly talk with you before spending this much money.

Application funnel also helps you filter out leads not a good match for your services and pricing. The user will fill out a form to pre-qualify for a call. This saves time and follow-up efforts as well.

Watch the video below for a detailed breakdown of the coaching sales funnel:

Get an incredible offer with Clickfunnels.

With Clickfunnels, you can build a highly converting Customer journey for your coaching services. Additionally, by taking advantage of a discount many people are unaware of, you can further optimize your cost savings.

Clickfunnels Pricing

Normally, Clickfunnels pricing comes in two packages which cost 97$ and 297$, respectively. Using a secret plan, you can get the platinum package of 297$ for less than half the price. Instead of paying $ 1782$ for 6 months, you can get a whopping discount of $ 785$.

Yes, you read right. You can purchase 6 months of Clickfunnels for just 997$.

Along with this discount, the pot is sweetened by some additional bonuses like:

  • One Funnel Away 30 days challenge  ($1997 value)
  • Funnel hack-a-thons access ($9997 value)
  • 10x Secrets Mastery program ($997 value)
  • Traffic Secrets ($997 value)

Clickfunnels for coaches’ conclusion:

If you want to get qualified leads for your coaching/consulting business and prefer not to do programming yourself or hire an expensive programmer, it is highly recommended. However, if you don’t want to scale your business, have coding knowledge, and can create websites yourself, or prefer to exert your energies for slow progress, you can skip ClickFunnels.

However, If you want fast progress, you should purchase Clickfunnels

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